Historically, Bieber's Acoustic Performances Slay

by Maggie Malach

Justin Bieber is in the middle of a major career overhaul. Not only did Bieber land his first No. 1 single for "What Do You Mean?", but he got very positive reviews for his emotional 2015 MTV VMAs performance. It seems like new Beliebers are proclaiming their love for the singer every day and Bieber totally deserves the support. The only thing better than hearing his studio version of the single is hearing "What Do You Mean?" acoustic, which he shared on his YouTube account.

Accompanied by only a guitar, Bieber let his smooth vocals take center stage (and my goodness, do they sound incredible). It's a great reminder that the singer got his start busking and performing in low-key settings. In other words, he's returning to his roots, but in a more mature way.

Interspersed within the performance is shots of recent Bieber footage, like his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and a behind-the-scenes look at him shooting promo for "What Do You Mean?" It definitely shows a softer side of the singer, while reminding us all of how hard he works.

Long-time Beliebers are familiar with the singer's acoustic songs, but if you're just now converting, here are seven stripped-down performances you need to hear.

1. "Let It Be"

Back in 2012, Bieber performed the Beatles' classic — while playing the piano — on The X Factor.

2. "Boyfriend"

Bieber stripped down one of his biggest hits and, naturally, it still sounds amazing.

3. "U Got It Bad / Because Of You"

Bieber covered his mentor, Usher, with this performance of "U Got It Bad." Bonus: He mixed in Ne-Yo's "Because of You."

4. "Baby"

Of course I had to include a vintage "Baby" performance!

5. "One Time"

More proof of Bieber's undeniable talent: Look at him belt and play the guitar.

6. "As Long As You Love Me"

This gorgeous performance is pretty much guaranteed to make you swoon.

7. "Heartless / Cry Me A River"

Bieber's covers of "Heartless" and "Cry Me a River" straight-up slay. Enjoy.

Here's hoping that Bieber continues to give fans acoustic performances of his new songs!