How To Update Summer Beauty Looks For Fall

With the changing of seasons comes new fashion, but also new makeup. You might tuck some of your vibrant eye shadows and shimmery bronzers away until the warm weather rolls around again, but there's no reason to ditch your favorite looks altogether. You can certainly tweak summer beauty trends for fall, and your favorite celebrities can provide all the inspiration you need.

Sure, there might be a little less sun naturally aiding your summery glow, but that doesn't mean you have to give up the look all together. Celebrities manage to take their signature looks through all the season, so there's no reason that us normals can't too. Taking radiant skin and long lashes into fall is as simple as swapping a hue, so don't think you'll have to come up with a whole new beauty routine just because the seasons are changing.

Bright colored lipstick and eyeshadow can easily be worn into fall. The trick is to update your look so that your signature makeup is slightly different. Landing the perfect fall makeup is as easy as taking your colorful eyeshadow shade and applying it under the eye instead of across the lid. Keep the same colors and products in your arsenal, but start thinking outside of the box. Start by taking some inspiration from your favorite celebs. You can thank me later.

1. Kylie Jenner's Long Lashes

Long, thick lashes are on everyone's summer beauty list. Using false lashes is the perfect way to land a flawless, warm-weather look, but for fall, it's time to take things in a natural direction. Using different mascara techniques can give your real lashes the right amount of volume.

it's that simple!

2. Vanessa Hudgens's Warm Glow

You can't beat the glow that comes from a great bronzer. With fall approaching and temperatures starting to drop, it's time to change things up. Deep, glittery bronzer might be great for summer, but by going one shade lighter and swapping the shimmer for something matte you can update the look for fall.

It's a win-win for your skin.

3. Gigi Hadid's Nude, Glossy Lip

Bright colors are super summery, but the nude glossy lip is also big for the warm season. Although nude is always in for fall, exaggerating the colors a bit will make for a more modern look. Instead of opting for a glossy finish, try going matte and one or two shades darker.

Think warm but still natural.

4. Shay Mitchell's Neon Nails

Mitchell always has the perfect nails for every occasion. From neon colors to fun patterns, there's no need to get dull just because it's fall. Opt for slightly more muted colors but keep the same perfect pop of color.

Think less shocking but just as bright.

5. Zendaya's Colorful Eyeshadow

Summer is the time to try out all the bold and bright colors, so take what you've learned and bring it with you to fall. Instead of going for a super bright look all over the lid, try bringing the color underneath your eye instead. Keeping the top lid subtle and using a colorful eyeliner or bold shadow underneath updates day-glo eyes for the new season.

It's color in a whole new way!

Whether you're looking to take your favorite trends with you into the colder months or trying to spice things up, a new season is the perfect time to experiment.

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