What Is Kirk From 'BiP' Doing Now?

It was a romance that had all Bachelor in Paradise fans 'shipping Kirk DeWindt and Carly Waddell — until the big season finale when Kirk abruptly ended things with Carly. People were shocked by the breakup and some fans were really mad at Kirk, because he kind of broke all of our hearts, too. So, after the crushing finale, what is Kirk from BiP doing now?

While Kirk and Carly actually broke up a few months ago (when the show was taping) and seem to be moving on, fans are still getting over the fresh televised breakup. Kirk is taking a lot of heat, which isn’t totally fair. Even Carly agrees that Kirk doesn’t deserve backlash. She recently tweeted: “I'm with the 51% of the vote. I forgive @KirkDeWindtPT and EVERYONE else should too. The hate must STOP. It's NOT ok yall. #AfterParadise”

With the show behind them, let’s hope things calm down for the exes soon — especially for Kirk. I mean, I doubt there will be a campaign for him to be the Bachelor. But, what can we expect next from him? I took to Kirk’s social media accounts to figure out what he is up to these days, and he's how he's moving on from Paradise.

Still Being A Personal Trainer

As you can see, he’s back at it.

Spending Time With Family

Which is probably a good change of pace following BiP.

Working On Becoming A Better Man

It looks like Kirk is working on himself before becoming attached to someone else again, which is a healthy and mature move.

Not Focusing On The Haters

Kirk is grateful for the people who are understanding about the breakup, instead of focusing on the negative.

With his great job, supportive family, and positive outlook, I think Kirk will be just fine.