11 Times Liztin Had No Self-Awareness On 'BB17'

There are definitely some downsides to being sequestered in the Big Brother house all summer, a big one being that the houseguests do not have access to phones, television, or the internet. This means that they have zero contact with the outside world. In contrast, the outside world has access to pretty much every aspect of their lives at all hours of the day for months, thanks to the live feeds. This disparity makes it pretty awkward to watch when some houseguests have a complete lack of perception about how they're coming off to viewers. Case in point: Austin and Liz on Big Brother 17, who have no self-awareness when it comes to how America feels about them.

I'm not trying to be mean or bring them down, it's just become clear this season that Liz and Austin think very highly of themselves as Big Brother players and believe they are way more beloved than they actually are. Some of the comments they make about their own reputations and perception are just shocking when you compare them to actual fan reactions. Here are 11 times Liztin proved that they aren't exactly on the same page as Big Brother fans.

1. Thinking That America Would Hate Any Player Who Goes Against Them

Liz and Austin think that they are America's Sweethearts and that any adversary of theirs will become instantly hated by America. That is far from true. We are near the end of this competition and contestants cannot remain aligned forever, and viewers understand that all alliances cannot remain intact or the game would never progress. Sorry, we're not sorry, Liztin.

2. Assuming Anyone Likes Them More Than Johnny Mac

Both the Feedsters and the TV viewers love Johnny Mac — there's no reason not to like him. Liz and Austin are probably just upset that he's not one of their followers and are threatened by his individuality, which is something that just makes viewers love him more.

3. Austin Declaring That The Season Sucks Except For His Showmance

Even if this was true, it is an extremely conceited thing to say. Austin and Liz are definitely not the only interesting houseguests on BB17.

4. Believing That Fans Are Rooting For Liztin

I don't think anyone is rooting for Liztin, and this couple is in for a rude awakening once the show wraps.

5. Austin Telling Liz That It Has Been Her Season

Just because Big Brother 17 has been all about Liz in Austin's eyes, that does not mean that the rest of us view it the same way. A lot has happened this season, and Liz was not involved in every major moment.

6. Austin Predicting Liz To Win America's Favorite

Between her divisive showmance and mean tendencies, Liz does not stand much of a chance to win America's Favorite Houseguest, which is reflected in fan polls. I think this is another example of Austin letting his own feelings for Liz cloud his judgement.

7. Liz Declaring "We Are Such A Cute Couple"

Again, not something many fans agree with. I'm not sure whether to blame it on the frequent PDA, Austin having a girlfriend at home earlier in the season, or his creepy wooing of Liz, but many BB17 viewers wouldn't describe this showmance as cute.

8. Austin Referring To He & Liz As "Entertainers"

What is Austin even talking about at this point? At least he can always cop out and use his Judas alter ego to take responsibility for anything he doesn't want to admit to after this season.

9. Austin Insinuating That Liz Played A Great Game

Liz has not dominating this game by any means. She is a strong competition player and has made it far, but she does not have a good social game. Austin is really blinded by love.

10. Austin Comparing Liz To Janelle

Austin comparing Liz to a Big Brother favorite of the past and declaring she has a ton of fans is a pretty bold statement to make. He should wait until he has social media access again before he declares anything of that magnitude.

11. Austin Assuming Liz Has Had His Back The Whole Time

Liz has expressed doubts and criticisms about Austin throughout this entire season while he has remained loyal to her. It's going to be a rude awakening when he sees that they are not the perfect couple that he believes America loves.

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Image: CBS