Ashley I. Will Come Out Stronger Post Paradise

With the most dramatic season of Bachelor in Paradise over (I'm not even making fun of Chris Harrison — this sh*t was cray), we're left with a lot of questions of where the stars of the show are headed next. For some — the couples — we hope it's a lifetime of love and happiness. In reality, it probably won't be. But then there's all-star contestants who didn't end up with anyone in Paradise, like Ashley I. We loved her on Chris' season, and became obsessed with her in Paradise, so naturally you may be wondering what Ashley I. is gong to do after Bachelor in Paradise .

It wasn't all that shocking that Ashley and Jared didn't end up together. While her heart was in it enough for both of them, Jared just wasn't feeling the Jashley thing (which he made very clear, but it just didn't register until the very end). He broke up with her in the Paradise Massacre, as I'm calling it, when almost every single cast member on the show broke-up with someone and said "adios" to Paradise. Ashley, obviously heart broken, is now back to her normal life — if that's possible — but fans are probably wondering where does she go from here.

First Of All, She's Going To Be Fine

Ashley I., while taken by Jared's charm, is a fierce woman who doesn't need a man by her side. She's done great this far, she'll keep doing great if she doesn't find someone right away.

But She Can Always Do The Bachelorette

You thought Ashley was relatable on Bachelor in Paradise, imagine her at the helm of a show as the Bachelorette. We'd all be Ashleying (crying) when our favorites get the cut. Consider it, Chris Harrison.

Or Bachelor In Paradise Season 3

I just feel like ABC can't be done with this wonderful addition to television just yet.

She Can Focus On Doing Her

As Kim K. says, "Can I live?"

Follow The Hell Out Of Jared On Social Media

I'm sure they're friends IRL, but there's something about a good old fashion 168 week Instagram stalk that can satisfy even the most broken hearts.

If All Else Fails, Dancing With The Stars

The mirror ball trophy totally has her name on it.

So don't worry about Ashley I., because if this girl can survive the Badlands with Kelsey, she can survive anything.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC