Austin Changes The Facts About His Pre-'BB17' GF

There's a lot to be said about the relationship Austin and Liz have formed in Big Brother 17 . Most of it, I've expressed personally, emotionally, and physically — sorry, hole in wall from when Liz accepted Austin's offer to be boyfriend/girlfriend. It's obviously pretty questionable that Liz and Austin got together in the house, especially because Austin had a girlfriend outside Big Brother . On Wednesday, Austin told Liz his relationship with his girlfriend (who will remain anonymous because she didn't ask for any of this) was "on the rocks" before going into the Big Brother house. So the question now is: Was it? Were Austin and his girlfriend really on their way to breaking up before the show? I'm calling some bull, and I've got the evidence to prove it.

After the Veto competition — in which Austin secured his safety by winning the comp — Liz and Austin got into what can only be called a lover's quarrel. Liz was mad about Austin's reaction to winning the competition, while Austin stuck by the fact that he's "ruined his life" for Liz. No, really. Austin said, "I ruined my life for you." (Referring to the fact that he dumped his girlfriend on live TV and shacked up with another girl.) Then, Liz countered by reminding him he told her they were already on the rocks before the show. But, Austin seems to have lied to her, BECAUSE THEY WERE CLEARLY NOT ON THE ROCKS.

Austin went into the house saying he had a girlfriend. In fact, he said he had a "princess" waiting back home and that showmances were out of the question. Check out his pre-Big Brother interview about 5:00 minutes in.

The TL:DR version: "I do have a girlfriend and I plan on honoring that." He then goes on to say she is his princess in a castle waiting for him to return. Well, unless that castle is made of quivering rocks, I'd say they definitely weren't on shaky ground.

Then a few weeks in, Austin mentioned to Vanessa that there was a "situation" involving his relationship. The "situation" apparently was that Austin and his girlfriend were in an open relationship.

So, were they actually on the rocks? Who knows? It seems like Austin went into the game with a pretty solid relationship, but mid-game (around the time he "fell in love") it turned to "rocky". OK, Austin. OK.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS; grandenonfatmocha/Tumblr