7 Ways Falling In Love Changes Your Views

Falling in love is completely ridiculous. I mean, it’s also amazing and crazy and fun and quite possibly the main reason for living. (Can you tell I’m a bit of a love junkie?) But it’s also totally ridiculous. There’s a reason everyone hates their friend who is in the process of falling in love and that is because they are like a goddamn crazy person. They’re like a bundle of sickeningly sweet delusions wrapped up in a hormone-soaked poncho and they are so annoying. Funny enough, there are actually scientific reasons for the changes that come over previously rational human beings when we start making that loooooove connection, most of them related to the changes in different pleasure hormones that start hitting pretty much immediately.

But when you’re in the throes of it, you’re not thinking about dopamine levels or where your cortisol is at. You’re thinking about how wonderful your new love is, how beautiful and smart and amazing. You’re thinking about the crazy, bring-the-walls-down sex you two just had and when you’re going to have it again. You’re thinking about the next text you’re going to send or giggling to yourself over the one they just sent you. You are, basically, an idiot. In fact, you’re probably so much of an idiot that you’re not even the tiniest bit offended by the fact that I just called you an idiot. You’re in love! Who cares!

Here are seven ways that your reality is totally different from actual reality when you’re falling love.

1. The Worst Pop Songs Just Speak To You

You: “THIS is One Direction? Holy sh*t! They’re so good! Why hasn’t anyone put them in the Music Hall of Fame yet??”

Reality: One Direction is a band for teenage girls, and teenage girls are pretty much always in love. They are not, in reality, a great band.

2. Colors Actually Look Brighter

You: “What a beautiful day! That flower is amazing! When did the sky get so blue? Hello, little Disney birds twittering around my head!”

Reality: Flowers are pretty. The sky is sometimes blue. You’re clearly hallucinating those birds.

3. Your New Partner Is The Most Perfect Person Alive

You: “She just wakes up in the morning and already looks like she spent three hours on her makeup, you know? And she’s so smart! Like, every question I have, she has an answer for. I’ve been telling her that she should really run for president because America would be so much better if she was in the Oval Office. Oh, and did I mention what she can do with her tongue? No? You don’t want to hear about that one?”

Reality: Your girlfriend is a barista with slightly above average looks and intelligence. We don’t need to talk anymore about what she can do with her tongue.

4. Nobody Can Annoy You

You: “Hello, homeless man who is taking up every single seat on the subway. I don’t mind your smell of feces and urine at all! Please, tell me your life story — and don’t leave out the conspiracy theories! — as I travel on my way to work.”

Reality: There’s a reason no one is riding in your subway car.

5. You Can Take On The World

You: “Hello, world! I think I’ll do eight classes of hot yoga today because, why not?”

Reality: Because you will die. Do not do the hot yoga.

6. You Think It Will Be Like This Forever

You: “I know that they say that the love stage is just temporary, but I really think that things will be different with us. I mean, this feeling is just so strong that it has to last, right? Right?”

Reality: Wrong. You will fall out of the crazy in love stage. But that’s not say you won’t fall into something even stronger.

7. You Look Like A Supermodel

You: “My hair has never looked this good! My legs? Amazing. My skin? Not a spot to be seen!”

Reality: You probably do have a bit of a glow because of those aforementioned hormones giving you a nice little beauty boost. Plus, science says that sex is good for your looks and you’ve been going at it like rabbits for at least two weeks so this one? It’s pretty accurate.

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