Anna Kendrick Announces 'Pitch Perfect 3' Contest That Will Let A Lucky Fan Shine With The Barden Bellas On-Screen

On Wednesday, Sept. 9, it was teased that Anna Kendrick would make a Pitch Perfect announcement on Good Morning America the following day. GMA host Robin Roberts was asked by a fan on Twitter if she could say whether the actress would be making an announcement about the film and she responded, "I have checked my sources and can confirm that you are correct! #BardenBellasRejoice." The second Pitch Perfect movie came out earlier this year and a third is already in the works, so what could the announcement possibly be? A Pitch Perfect cast tour? A Barden Bellas clothing line? Was Kendrick gonna pull a Beyoncé and disappoint everyone by just revealing her vegan diet plan? Thankfully, that didn't happen, and it turned out that Kendrick was announcing that fans can a win a walk-on role for the third movie!

The 30-year-old started by talking about the upcoming third movie, saying how excited she is and that it would start shooting at the beginning of next year. So, you don't have an entire year to prepare for your debut. It's time to get going now.

If you want a chance to be part of the film, it's pretty easy. Well, it's pretty easy to apply. It's probably not that easy to win seeing as this thing has a huge fan base and will likely get a ton of entries.

Going along with the theme of the movie, applicants will have to sing in order to win — only they won't be using their own voices. As the actress put it, "You might not know what Dubsmash is, but your teenager does." (I'm no teenager myself, but I do know that Dubsmash is an app you use to make videos of yourself lip syncing to songs or famous quotes.) Kendrick continued, "There's a PitchSmash section in Dubsmash." If you haven't put it all together yet, in order to enter, all you have to do is make a Pitch Perfect-themed Dubsmash using the PitchSmash section. And, like I said, there's little doubt this thing is going to get a lot of entries, so you better make it a good one.

The results for the contest will be revealed on Good Morning America on Sept. 22, so get smashin'!

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