Your Perfect Hat Hairdo Can Be Achieved Overnight

If you, too, have fallen for the wide-brimmed trend so popular amongst the most stylish style bloggers, you've probably been on the hunt for your best hat hairstyle to pair with all these new toppers. Wearing it up in your trusty topknot just isn't really an option, but there is a 'do that's just as lazy-girl friendly: overnight waves. When your hair's basically done for you while you sleep, that leaves the morning free for extra pumpkin spice lattes.

Backstage at New York Fashion Week, the lead hairstylist for TRESemmé Orlando Pita created tousled waves for the models — all of who would wear bucket hats as they strutted down the BCBG Spring/Summer 2016 runway. He tells me he was inspired by his high school days in the '70s, when girls would always curl their hair overnight. How very appropriate, considering the '70s are basically everything when it comes to fashion this season.

To get this NYFW-approved look, Pita recommends using a combo of defining cream and shaping gel (he relied on TRESemmé's Make Waves collection backstage) to prep wet strands. Split your hair into four (or more, if you want tighter waves) sections, and twist each into a bun. "Right now, I'm using pins," Pita tells me. "But if you want to sleep in it overnight, I'd recommend hair elastics. They won't stab you in your sleep."

If you wake up with your hair still a bit damp, blast it with your blow dryer to ensure the waves really set. If your hair is super stick straight, you can use a diffuser to scrunch it up a bit after you take the buns out, too.

Curly girls can pull this look off too, with some simple tweaks. For one, definitely don't start with wet hair, as this can create too much frizz, according to Pita. Instead, blow your hair out straight before you hit the hay, then add the styling products and create your mini buns. Since you don't have to wait for your strands to dry, you could even use this method first thing in the morning, letting the buns loose after you finish getting ready. Aren't those beachy waves below just perfect?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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Images: Kevin Young/Unsplash (1); Kara McGrath (2)