You'll Never Believe This Beauty Trend From China

File this under the list of things you probably never thought you'd see people wearing in their hair. People in China are wearing bean sprouts in their hair — yep, actual bean sprouts. Well, technically they're tiny clip-in bean sprouts, but they give the illusion that a tiny plant is sprouting from the head of the wearer.

This beauty trend is the latest wacky one to come out of China. The country has made headlines recently for viral trends like the #CollarboneChallenge, the #BellyButtonChallenge, and the "plastic bag" look, but luckily the latest trend to hit social media is relatively harmless. According to a Telegraph article, the trend originated in Beijing at a cosplay conference. Metro claims the inspiration for the trend is a Chinese cartoon called Pleasant Goat and the Big Big Wolf. One of the characters sports a sprout on his head similar to the ones that have been popping up all over Beijing.

The trend isn't limited to children either. Grown men and women have all been partaking, and the results are kind of adorable. The sprouts are so tiny you wouldn't notice unless you were looking closely, but it has a cute subtle effect. You can currently buy the tiny bean sprout clips online from Amazon for less than $4.

As you can see below, the results are pretty subtle when you first glance at a person wearing them.

And, they work just as well in short hair as they do in long hair.

If you're not into the subtle look, you can go for an even bigger sprout.

Or you can really take it to another level and wear multiple sprouts at a time.

This trend is definitely a little bit kooky, but the fact that it's based on a cartoon makes a little more sense. I don't think I'll be purchasing tiny bean sprouts to wear in my hair any time soon, but who knows? This could be the next trend to hit the U.S.

Image: Amazon