Celebs Are All About Big '80s Hair This Fall

Big hair, don't care — that's one the key Fall 2015 hair trends for sure. Coifs are big, blown out, thick, and full, with loads of volume piled high at the crown. Katy Perry recently rocked really big hair, while former The O.C. actress Mischa Barton also demonstrated '80s-inspired big hair.

While Perry and Barton both went with lots of volume and fullness, especially at the back of their heads, the presentations and inspirations couldn't be more different. Don't get me wrong. Lots of hairspray, volumizers, blowdryers, and maybe even extensions were involved in the making of these 'dos.

But Perry's chocolate coif was distinctly sleek and screen siren, nodding to Old Hollywood glam, while Barton's blonde waves were messy and decidedly more '80s. Think Dynasty or Dallas, when Aqua Net and heat tools reigned supreme.

These are intentional hair helmets. I have to admit that I prefer Perry's styling to Barton's, simply because the singer was a bit more modern and glossy. But then again, doing the throwback thing and summoning a long-gone decade is also an acceptable a style move, provided that's your thing.

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Lana Del Rey is usually the queen of the big, volume-at-the-crown, pushed back blowout. But she's got some serious competition from Perry.

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Perry's 'do was super modern since she opted for ombre.

Barton's locks definitely had more of a vintage feel. The only thing missing is shoulder pads.

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I'm not sure anyone can top Adele's thick, lush coif. She knows how to work volume.

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Flawless, right? It frames that gorgeous face so well.

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LDR is all about the big bump at the crown. Her V cover was total #HairGoals. Her five Nylon Espanol covers were the same.

Is this look something you want to achieve this fall? It's super easy and requires a single trip to Ulta for some product.

You have to wash your hair and blowdry it with a big barreled round brush, wrapping the roots around the barrel to pull it back and thus build volume at the crown. ($20,

I also recommend blowdrying while bent over at the waist to achieve even more overall fullness.

Finish with dry shampoo — I use dry shampoo as a texturizer and volumizer. I admit that I LOVE that Kardsahian Beauty Take 2 Dry Shampoo ($15, #SorryNotSorry. It smells super fresh and clean and it gives me the texture I like.

I also love L'Oreal's Boost It High Lift Creation Spray. I spritz it at the crown and scrunch my hair with my fingers after blowdrying to get a little more lift. ($5,

You can add a headband, which creates another element of height at the crown. I do that a bunch, too.

Congrats. You have your new Fall 2015 #HairGoals.

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Oh, and PS: I don't love her bump, but Snooks was a cute little fireball. The pouf worked for her.

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