What Does Your Fave T. Swift Video Say About You?

I'm pretty certain that not loving Taylor Swift is almost impossible. Like, even people who think the pop queen with the sprawling squad is too "basic" are secretly jamming to "Shake It Off" in their cars. It's not just that Swift creates killer jams and songs about heartbreak that just get your pain — it's the feeling that she is normal beneath all of the fame that makes her so universally beloved. I mean, Swift loves nothing more than hanging with her friends, following her dreams, and snuggling with her cat — what's not to relate to? For this reason, I think all Swift fans have not just a favorite Swift song, but a favorite Swift music video as well — which, actually, says a lot about who they are as a person. (Trust me: Your choice will be telling, so don't pretend it is "Bad Blood" when you know "You Belong With Me" is the music video of your heart.)

Whether you are a total romantic who dreams about riding horses through your mansion or you harbor dreams of being a leather-clad super spy, there is a Swift video that speaks to you on a deep, emotional level. Are you ready for your Swift preferences to reveal your innermost feels? Then choose wisely from the list below and let Swift's music videos allow you to see into your soul...or at least tell you a little something about your artistic preferences.

"Shake It Off"

Rhythm is not a thing you've ever had, but that has never stopped you from dancing. Swift was your hero before the "Shake It Off" video came out — but after, you pretty much turned all of your electronic devices into Swift shrines. You enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters that cover your fingers, and cranking Swift songs on long road trips. Some may say you're the ultimate "basic" girl — but you listen to Swift and shake off haters without a second thought, secure in your own awesomeness.

"Blank Space"

A bundle of contradictions, you love HGTV and American Horror Story in equal measure. Your entire wardrobe is vintage, and you audition for every community theater production that comes along. Although you try to pretend you are super serious, your friends know that secretly your favorite movie is Mean Girls — not Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? like you claim.


Cool Water is still your favorite perfume, and if you could turn a DeLorean into a time machine, you would jet right back to the mid '90s and waste away your days surreptitiously ogling the Abercrombie & Fitch models between trips to Claire's.

"Bad Blood"

Tumblr is your life, and you take female representation in the media seriously. You also love action movies, cinematography, and ladies who kick butt. Before "Bad Blood," you were not a Swift fan — but now, you get the appeal. Besides, you believe in giving everyone a chance and are always ready to welcome someone new into your posse.

"Wildest Dreams"

Admit it: You are the ultimate romantic. Your bedroom came straight out of an Anthropologie catalog, and when it comes to dating, you want all the wooing. Seriously, all of it. Knowing what you want is cool, just don't forget that real life love is never as epic or overwrought as The English Patient.

"Everything Has Changed"

You pretty much found your soul mate on the first go. Now you two live in perfect artistic harmony together. All of your friends envy your seemingly perfect relationship, so you spend a lot of time going all Emma on them in an effort to find their perfect match. You are a genuinely happy and content person, and you just want everyone else to feel as loved as you do.

"I Knew You Were Trouble"

Summer is always a blur of music festivals and greasy diners, and you love it that way. You have a rambler's spirit and there's nothing you won't try. You single-handedly brought back fringed jackets.

"Begin Again"

A genuine sophisticate in training, you insist on all of your friends drinking out of proper wine glasses when you host dinner. You have a special savings account for your dream European vacation and your tiny apartment is 97 percent books. Part dreamer, part pragmatist, you are the most reliable person in your squad.

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

Zooey Deschanel is your style icon, and you still have all of your favorite stuffed animals in your room. You have a lot of relationship drama, but its never serious. Your friends love your crazy date stories.

"Safe & Sound"

The Hunger Games is a way of life for you.


You pride yourself on liking the most obscure videos. Either that, or you have a soul-crushing office job and way relate to Swift's desire to get home, snuggle with her honey, and throw around some leaves.

"You Belong With Me"

You appreciate the simple things in life, like songs with good hooks, tales of young love, and making hearts with your hands. You are probably still young enough to vividly remember falling in love for the first time, and there is an innocent sweetness to your personality that draws people to you.

"Back To December"

Once the fall holidays are over, you immediately start planning for next year's Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. The Stark family's words, "winter is coming," chill you to the bone. Those long winter months are super depressing, but remember summer and the holidays always come back around. Don't worry, your favorite Christmas sweater will be waiting for you.

See, Swift really does know you better than you know yourself. Probably.