What Does Jim Edmonds Think Of Brooks Ayers? The 'Real Housewives of Orange County' Guys Are Playing It Cool

Normally, the Real Housewives of Orange County gossip is all about whether or not Vicki & Tamra have been able to get along — and since Vicki started dating Brooks Ayers, that friendship has been particularly strained. But since so much of Season 10 has been focused on the men in the Real Housewives' lives, what does Jim Edmonds think about Brooks? He's been Meghan King Edmonds' only outlet to talk about her Brooks conspiracy theories so far, because her accusations haven't been backed up by any of the other women in the cast.

But, while Jim is in support of his wife, he doesn't seem to distrust Brooks the same way she does. He's reserved most of his anger for Vicki, which does make some sense. She did go up to him at Tamra's party and basically put a curse on his marriage, claiming it isn't going to last. Aside from his dismissals of Vicki's attacks, Jim hasn't really mentioned too much about Brooks. But, there's no lost love between these two, either — I don't think there's much of a chance that Brooks and Jim will ever become friends. Outside of the show, both men have been supportive of their significant others. For example, Jim did retweet this negative message about Vicki & Brooks judging them — because they've also been divorced before.

Sure, Jim didn't say this himself, but a retweet is the equivalent of an emphatic nod of agreement. And, clearly, Jim doesn't think that Vicki has any reason to judge his relationship with Meghan. Even though Brooks hasn't really responded to Jim, he did throw up a message all about ignoring the haters.

And, Jim hasn't mentioned anything about Brooks' alleged lies about cancer on Twitter or Instagram at all. Following Tamra's psychic insinuating that Brooks doesn't have cancer, Jim's wife Meghan questioned the details surrounding his illness. But, Brooks and Vicki have both maintained that he definitely does have cancer, and he is working hard to beat it. It seems like, for Jim, after dealing with his first wife LeAnn's battle with cancer, had a very different reaction to hearing from Brooks. Unlike Meghan, who became a little aggressive and attacked Vicki over Brooks' choice not to undergo chemotherapy, Jim seems to be content to let Brooks make his own decisions, even saying it's "none of [his] business" multiple times. Although, that didn't stop him from throwing down in front of Vicki to defend his wife.

Sometimes the RH husbands wind up becoming friendly, and most of the guys who have been featured on the show have an at least tolerant relationship. And, maybe it's that inter-Housewives guy code that's stopped Jim and Brooks from getting into a full-on Real Housewives of Orange County flame war the way Meghan and Vicki have. But, make no mistake: Jim Edmonds' number one alliance is to his wife.