7 Emoji You're Not Using Enough

It's easy to spot and know what emoji people use most, because chances are you've sent and received them more times than you can count. (Red heart, 100 percent sign, and prayer hands, I'm looking at you.) But with over 700 emoji available for our use, what about all the poor ones that get left behind, forgotten and abandoned, never to see the light of day after one brief moment in the sun? There's certainly an argument to be made for the emoji you ignore, because the more you use them, the better and more robust your communication becomes. Think of it as having a rich vocabulary — the more words you know, the better you can get your idea across. Emoji are no different, as they're basically a language in and of themselves at this point.

Of course, everyone uses different emoji and not all emoji vocabularies consist solely of the 10 most popular ones. That being said, I'd be hard-pressed to find a single text in my phone with the footprint, bowling, watch, or key emoji, and though I would appreciate it if they showed up on my phone one day, it kind of makes sense that people don't use them. My theory is that we are less likely to use emoji of physical things because they don't necessarily represent a feeling very well — a quality which is somewhat at odds with the fact that the best use for emoji is to describe a feeling that can't be captured with mere words.

So here are seven less-frequently-used emoji that are definitely worth some of your time — because they can capture and convey all the feels that you should definitely add to your emoji lexicon. The advancement of language is a beautiful thing.

1. Turtle Emoji

Maybe you're having a slow day. Maybe you're feeling introverted and reclusive. Maybe you just beat a hare in a race. Did you know there's an emoji to describe all that? The turtle emoji, which is also known as the tortoise emoji, is a great addition to your "No, I don't really want to go out tonight" text. Shoot it in a message to the squad to let them know tonight is just not a turnup kind of night.

2. Fire Emoji

Sure, the fire emoji can be used to describe a small flame or a hot summer day. But think outside the box for a second and use it to describe a romantic flame, a hot girl, a fantastic new album you just heard, or a proud, "can't-touch-this" moment. For extra creativity, combine it with the herb emoji to loosely represent lighting up a joint and all the feelings that come with that.

3. Honey Pot Emoji

Trying to be romantic? Let the honey pot emoji do all the work for you. Use it in conjunction with the bee for "honeybee," with the moon for "honeymoon," with the hamburger for "honeybun," or as a standalone, obviously to just call your special someone "honey."

4. Fireworks Emoji

For something so heavily discussed in our culture, the fireworks emoji isn't used nearly enough. Think about it: The Fourth of July, sporting events, New Year's Eve, and Katy Perry's hit single all somehow incorporate the pyrotechnic devices, and so should our texts. Plus, fireworks can be used to describe a particularly explosive argument, a romantic date, or a notable spectacle — and we've all participated in at least one of those three things.

5. Rocket Emoji

Why limit yourself to the confines of our planet when there's a whole universe — nay, a multiverse — out there to be explored with rockets?

6. Snowman Emoji

Because winter is coming.

7. Zodiac Emojis

Did you just say something rude to a friend? Shoot her the Sagittarius emoji as an explanation (but also apologize). Being stubborn beyond belief? Explain your stance with a Taurus emoji (but also apologize). Being a little superficial? Shoot over a Gemini emoji (but also apologize). It's like saying, "I was born this way. My behavior is written in the stars — but also I'm sorry, because I shouldn't have said that to you. It was rude." For those who respect the zodiac and the serious implications of Mercury being retrograde, you'll be forgiven or at least excused. Probably.

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