What Your Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie Love Interest Says About You

Disney Channel Original Movies, lovingly nicknamed DCOMs by abbreviation obsessed fangirls, are the gift that keeps on giving to millennials. All of life's problems can easily be solved through a good DCOM parable. Struggling to meet your parents' expectations and forge your own path? Check out Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off. Did your best friend start dating someone who is a total monster? Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire is basically a how-to-guide to protect your friends and family against sucky suitors. When your body goes through changes and suddenly you are a mermaid, The Thirteenth Year has got that covered. Any time, place, situation — there's a Disney Channel Original Movie for that, and it's a known fact that someone's favorite DCOM reveals a lot about their personality.

Following this line of logic, it would also make sense that Disney Channel Original Movies can also provide valuable insight into one's love life. The fictional characters liked during the formative years of middle school helps construct adult dating habits. You didn't suddenly start liking bad boys in college. That's a life-long addiction. Ditto, if you constantly fall love with your best friend. These seeds were planted in your mind early on.

So hold on to your Mickey Mouse ears, your favorite DCOM crush is going to reveal a lot about you and your love life.

Luke In Halloweentown

You are attracted to the dark side. Deep down, you know beneath their tough exterior, these guys are giant marshmallows seeking love and approval. Their bad actions aren’t caused by character flaws but instead reflect a deep-seeded lack of self-confidence. You feel an innate need to reform these bad boys, which could cause strain in the relationship. As long as you learn to accept your mate for who they truly are, you can expect a happily ever after.

Brad Rigby In Cadet Kelly

Elizabeth Root on YouTube

You have a thing for authority figures and a man in uniform sets your heart a flutter. Men who follow rules excite you. You might be a bit of a rule breaker yourself, but this will keep things in the relationship spicy.

Gwen Patroni In Smart House

RaiderDawg on YouTube

You are constantly falling madly in love with people you barely know. It might be the local Starbucks barista or the stunning beauty three cubicles down from yours at work. You are attracted to someone who is well dressed, has perfect hair, and exudes an aura of confidence. You should throw a party and casually invite your crush. They will be intrigued by your brazenness.

Dean Talon In Motorcrossed

mvsgrl235 on YouTube

Sporty types really rev your engines. You are attracted to men with rugged sexiness. You are highly independent and value a partner who gives you the space to be yourself. Having an activity you can both share as a couple is an important part of your relationship.

Clare Addison In Genius

Shy smart-girls who spend their free time reading and knitting cat sweaters are the ideal girlfriends for you. You are attracted to their intelligence and having cultured conversations is an important part of your romantic relationships. It is important to remember to still have fun with your significant other, though. All work and no play makes you are really boring partner.

Samantha In Pixel Perfect

DCOMsClips on YouTube

You have probably had a crush on your best friend for years and have never said anything about. You like people who always speak their mind and tell you how it is. Take a chance and tell your friend how you feel — you might find true love.

Greg In Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century

Liittl3MiiZzViiX3n on YouTube

You’ve always been attracted to the “sensitive” guy. Your ideal mate is highly reflective and well versed in an array of obscure topics. They actually enjoyed reading Catcher in the Rye in high school and now they brew their own craft beer. You will have to make the first move since these guys often lack the confidence to be forthright but once you're dating them, they make ideal boyfriends. They are loyal, supportive, and sincere.

Take this DCOM-approved relationship advice and hop into the dating pool with the confidence of a Disney child star.

Images: Disney Channel