What's Samantha Doing After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? She Could Be The Next Star To Get Engaged

After only a few episodes of Bachelor in Paradise, Samantha Steffen quickly gained the reputation as the ultimate villain. She was definitely portrayed to viewers in a less than flattering light, but even after all the scheming and text message bombshells, she still managed to walk away from the finale with a rose and a guy. So, what will Samantha do after Bachelor in Paradise? Well, it's possible she could be the next star to get engaged.

After the finale aired, she and Nick Peterson excitedly confirmed via social media that they are still together and happier than ever. Coming off of such an unconventional start to their relationship, it's good to see that they seem to be making smart decisions about their relationship by taking things slow. Things may heat up soon, though with a possible cross-country move in the works. Tampa based Nick plans to open a fitness studio in California, where his lovely lady resides. What are Samantha's plans now? If her and Nick's social media gushing over each other is any clue, then I would say they are going the distance. They seem to be completely enamored with each other and making the long distance thing work for them. Luckily, that won't even be an issue anymore if Nick makes his move out west.

They even met each other's parents!

Samantha doesn't just have a new (and seemingly rock solid) love life to fall back on after BiP, she's also the CEO and co-founder of her own super successful clothing line, IDGAF Clothing. Being a CEO is no joke, so I am sure she will continue to move forward in the fashion world as well.

Whether it's in love or in business, Samantha seems like someone who managed to come out of Paradise on top.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC