Mindy & Danny's Relationship Takes The Next Step

Fans were left on pins and needles after the Season 3 finale of The Mindy Project, when Danny told Mindy he didn't want to get married. The couple we've been rooting for since Episode 1 — never going to get married? That simply will not do. In the Season 4 premiere, it looked like Danny was going to stick to his convictions and live a non-marriage life with Mindy and their future baby, but after meeting Mindy's parents, that quickly changed. In the final few moments of The Mindy Project premiere, Danny proposes to Mindy — of which she accepts — so start celebrating accordingly, we've got a Mindy Lahiri wedding to plan!

But — but, I thought Danny was anti-marriage! You might have thought that, but seeing true love right in front of your very eyes can change a man. Season 4 picked up right where Season 3 left off; Danny runs away to India to meet Mindy's parents and tell them he is in love with her and will never leave her or their son. In a wonderful proclamation of the heart, Danny confesses all this to the man that opens the Lahiri family front door, the only problem is, it wasn't Mindy's father. When Mindy's actual father comes to the door — bearing a machete knife — Danny's previous declaration remains unspoken. Instead, Danny simply introduces himself as Mindy's coworker... The shame, Castellano.

As Mindy lives a 13 Going on 30 meets It's a Wonderful Life dream montage, Danny learns that Mindy's parents are trying to marry her off in an arranged marriage, since "some" no-good scrub left pregnant Mindy all alone. Morgan — who has traveled from Texas to Pakistan to India — tries to force Danny's hand in telling the Lahiris — who are marvelous, by the way — that he is the father and in love with Mindy. It takes an almost arrangement with Raj from The Big Bang Theory to make Danny admit his involvement in Mindy's life. It also helps him see that Mindy's parents have a wonderful marriage, and that not all marriages end like his parents' or his previous one with Christina.

Back in New York, our Queen Bee awakes from her slumber to find Danny back in their apartment. After her dream, Mindy realizes she doesn't need to be married to Danny, as long as she has him in her life. Danny — who could have just stopped there and ran with Mindy's flexibility — proposes to Mindy, finally. It's been a long time coming, but Danny and Mindy are going to get married, which is potentially one of the most exciting marriages to ever happen to me, counting personal real-life family members.

Congrats, you two!

Image: Courtesy of Hulu; tmpgifs/Tumblr (2)