Cassandra & Jonathan's 'BiP' Pics Are Too Cute

One of the biggest surprises of Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 came in the finale/reunion special of After Paradise, when Cassandra Ferguson revealed that her in-show relationship with Justin Reich may have come to an end, but that she wasn't single, either. Cassandra Ferguson and Jonathan Holloway's new relationship was a revelation that was absolutely adorable. Both single parents, both living in Michigan near Detroit — this relationship was meant to be. Even while Cassandra was on the show, her relationship with Jonathan via Instagram always seemed to have more chemistry than her dates with Justin, as is evidenced by the adorable photos of Cassandra and Jonathan posted after Bachelor In Paradise ended.

Former Bachelor or Bachelorette contestants wind up dating one another or being rumored to date one another pretty frequently. After all, they are always running into one another — whether at an event, because they all live in similar cities, or through a friend. Most of the time, dating rumors are wildly exaggerated — remember Tenley was supposedly dating new Bachelor Ben Higgins? — but in this case, the relationship is real. And the evidence is there, too, because the pics Cassandra & Jonathan posted of their relationship so far are prompting some real relationship goal envy. Add their two sons, and the adorable photos make these two seem like the perfect couple.

1. From Their First Meeting, They Had Chemistry

Cassandra and Jonathan met at a work, and from this picture, it seems like the sparks flew immediately.

2. Cassandra's Denials Were Totally Unbelievable

In the caption for this picture, Cassandra promised that she and Jonathan weren't exchanging roses. But, just look at this picture and it's obvious why she needed to give a denial — they look more like a couple than simply a couple of friends.

3. Their Relationship Reveal Was Hardly A Surprise

Sure, if you weren't following Cassandra online and only watched her on BiP, the announcement that Jonathan was her new love interest must have been a shock. But, if you followed her on Instagram, this cute pic from After Paradise proves that their relationship was always real.

4. Quality Time In An LA Hotel Room

Obviously Cassandra never takes anything less than a perfect picture, but imagine this with some comfortable pajamas, and you have basically the perfect BF-GF getaway.

5. Sometimes They Are Total Weirdos

I know this is supposed to be a BiP reference, but it reads more like an adorable inside joke.

6. Their On-Camera Smooches Are Cute

The kissing selfie is certainly a challenge. But, these two are so good looking, they manage to make it work.

7. Late Summer Means Lakeside Trips

Cassandra's beachy waves? Check. An excuse for Jonathan to take his shirt off? Check. And, Jonathan's son jumping in with a pair of killer sunglasses completes the perfect summer vacation pic.

8. Even Their Sons Are Friends

I love this! Since Cassandra and Jonathan are both parents, their two sons playing together is the cutest thing in the world. This couple is seriously the best.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC