Donald Trump GOP Debate Memes That Remind Americans Why He Shouldn't Be President

Here's a question for you, dear readers. How long does it take for to take over social media? Well, not very. Despite his , it wasn't long before Trump began sparring with his fellow candidates and swooping about his infamous head of hair. To no one's surprise, the Internet took notice and launched a series of LOL-inducing memes.

And now, more than ever, Americans need a reason to laugh at this particular candidate. Although many , the former host of The Apprentice has quickly become the most popular Republican in the presidential field. According to a new CNN/ORC poll, the mogul is pulling ahead in the polls, with . It's scary to think that we may seem this man's name on the ballot come November 2016.

But that doesn't mean that the world has stopped finding humor in Trump's attempt to take over the country. Because, no matter how serious people may take him, , racist, and/or downright stupid. And as Americans, we are sure to turn his actions into laughable art. Just take a look at some of the hilarious Trump memes spawned by the second GOP presidential debate.