Conan O'Brien's American Girl Store Visit Is Everything We've Ever Dreamed Of, But Funnier

I lump people into two categories: "Those Who Love American Girl Dolls" and "Those Who Are Weirded Out By American Girl Dolls." Conan O'Brien might fall into the latter category. O'Brien visited the American Girl store in Los Angeles. The visit is recorded. And it is amazing. Even the most serious American Girl fan will be able to laugh at this. I mean, Conan O'Brien hanging out in the American Girl doll hair salon? It's just too perfect.

Yes, I grew up poring over the American Girl, excuse me, Pleasant Company catalogs. Yes, I read all of the books multiple times. Yes, I was overcome with emotion when I went to the American Girl store for the first time. I was not 11-years-old. I was 20-years-old. My friends (members of the "Weirded Out By American Girl Dolls" category) had to talk me out of dropping hundreds of dollars on outfits and a mini barbecue set for my Kirsten Larson doll. Probably for the best. Kirsten is a pioneer. A barbecue set would not be a historically accurate accessory.

O'Brien's excursion through the store includes picking out a doll ("…I also want a doll that, like me, has some skin damage and is prone to depression"), which, as any American Girl fan will tell you, is very serious business. O'Brien takes Agnes the doll to lunch at the American Girl Cafe. AUGH! What a DREAM. A few highlights: Agnes doesn't like fish, has a gluten allergy, and can't eat butterfly-shaped pasta because she is afraid of butterflies. Because she was attacked by one. At one point, she (with an assist from O'Brien) throws the menu out of disgust. She also yells at O'Brien in German. O'Brien drinks white wine with a straw. The entire scene warms my heart.

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