5 Reasons Robin Scherbatsky Is A Feminist Icon

After nine seasons, fans of How I Met Your Mother were divided when they watched the series finale. I would usually throw in the phrase "spoiler alert" before continuing. But since the show premiered 10 years ago today — Sept. 19, 2005 — it's really your own fault if you haven't seen it by now, isn't it? (And if you haven't, I highly recommend you change that ASAP!) Anyway, not everyone was thrilled that The Mother that we waited years to meet dies soon after she's introduced. In the end, Ted Mosby winds up with Robin Scherbatsky. Honestly, it's not that shocking and could have been predicted from the very first episode.

But were Robin and Ted meant to be? Or was it a cheap plot move? Fans can debate that subject for hours, but here's another worthy debate: What do we make of Robin's character? People have mixed feelings about the independent, straightforward news anchor. When discussing the show with friends I've heard responses ranging from "ughhhh" to "Robin is the worst." But is she really the WORST? I'd beg to differ. I actually think she's pretty rad.

In honor of the HIMYM premiere anniversary, I'm taking a look back at Robin Scherbatsky's role to prove once and for all why she is an awesome woman — and a feminist role model, at that.

1. She Speaks Her Mind

Sure, she could be kinder to Patrice. (Like, a lot kinder...) But at the end of the day, you've got to give her props for not putting up with anyone's nonsense. One of the best things about her character is that she's not afraid to speak up or say how she really feels in any situation.

2. She's Independent

She may marry Barney and wind up with Ted, but throughout the entire series, Robin doesn't lose sight of who she is. Her independence is invaluable. That trait doesn't go away, even when she's in a relationship.

3. She Pursues Her Passion No Matter What

Robin takes her TV career seriously and does whatever it takes to reach her goals. That means sometimes taking on ridiculous-slash-demeaning assignments or traveling all the way to Japan. Her ambitious attitude is admirable.

4. She Defies Stereotypes

She shoots guns, plays hockey, drinks scotch, and smokes cigars. Pretty much the antithesis of the phrase "feminine," Robin proves women don't have to fit a certain mold.

5. She Owns Her Identity

At the end of the day, you may be off-put by her straightforwardness and sometimes brash attitude. But why should she have to change her personality to please other people? Oh, wait, she doesn't!

Now that that's settled, who's up for a shopping trip, eh? Let's go to the mall.

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