New 'Arrow' Photos Show Big Changes Ahead

by Alice Walker

It's going to be a whole new world when Arrow Season 4 premiers in October. The season finale served as a divider, the ending chapter in the trilogy of Oliver Queen's development that had Oliver and Felicity riding off into the sunset (literally), with the dangers of Starling City in the rear-view mirror. We all knew this couldn't possibly last forever — the show is called Arrow, not Happy People Living Normal Lives — and Season 4 will see them both quickly thrust back into action, and returned to Starling City. This year marks a big new step in the evolution Arrow, growing from a secluded, violent, PTSD-suffering vigilante to a happier, more well adjusted superhero. He is finally becoming the Green Arrow and a slightly sunnier disposition is just the beginning as the CW has released new Arrow Season 4 photos that highlight the changes.

When they return Starling City will be renamed (finally aligning with the comics), and called Star City in a tribute to Ray Palmer (though why they wouldn't honor Ray by actually naming it after him is a mystery to me. I guess Palmer City doesn't have the same ring to it). Don't worry too much about good ol' Ray; he'll be recovered somehow in time to join the superhero assembly when Legends of Tomorrow airs. Check out the Arrow preview below for a a little refresher on what's coming.

For a show that has always been firmly planted in a gritty reality, they will now begin to incorporate more supernatural elements, focusing on "magic and mysticism." This is good timing, since the erst-while John Constantine (Matt Ryan, from NBC's now cancelled show) will be making an appearance, and will somehow have a hand in the resurrection of Sara Lance — now the White Canary. The Big Bad also looks to have more magical abilities than anyone else we've seen to date, as Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) seems to posses meta-human like powers. Perhaps he was in Central City when the particle accelerator exploded?

With such scary villains on the scene, it is a good thing Oliver isn't alone in his crime fighting. Thea will be fully realized, stepping into her sidekick moniker "Speedy," Diggle seems to have finally wised up and gotten some protective gear to hide his face from all of the insane criminals running the streets, and Laurel will be trained and ready to go as the Black Canary. And, of course, the real bright spot in all of this, Olicity is actually happening, and not just for one episode. I don't know if they'll last the season, but we're going to see them try. Check out the fresh batch of pictures and just try and wait patiently for the October premier.

Back At The (New) Arrow Cave

Ready For Battle

Suit Up, Ollie

There We Go

Not Feeling Great About It

But Trying Out The New Threads

And Hashing Out Some Differences

Felicity's Back On Tech Support

And Speedy Is In The Field

As Is Laurel

And Diggle

Who Is Looking Fierce

Yep, The Gang's All Here

Masked Baddies

Flashback, Perhaps?

Damien Darhk, Looking Scary

Like, Really Scary

This Means Trouble

Welcome Back, Team Arrow!

Images: The CW; Dean Buscher/The CW (20)