This Is What Saturn Return Means For My Love Life

by Lindsay Tigar

I’ve been thinking about my twenty-seventh birthday since I was a teenager. As the daughter of an astrologer, my mom attributed a beautiful, exciting life change that happens for everyone around 27 years old to what astrologers call the ‘Saturn Return.’ This is when Saturn returns to the exact place it was in your natal chart the moment you were born.

The majority of people will experience a shift — thanks to the universe, apparently — that causes them to fall in love and get married. Or have a baby (or two). Switch careers and or cities. Other folks change entire professions, go back to school, weed their way through a health crisis or burn all their savings. What happens is based on the place of Saturn in your astrological chart.

I know —it sounds like a lot of nonsense — but ask anyone you know who is past the age of 32 what happened between 27 and 31, and they’ll likely give you a laundry list that, if they wanted, they could credit a Saturn Return for causing.

I turned 27 on September 16 — and so far, I feel the same, as I do with most birthdays. Sure, like any other late 20-something (gulp), I’m wondering where my life will go. I’m contemplating my next move, the step I’ll be brave to climb in the years to come. I’m curious about when this happy love life that everyone promised me I’d find, will actually arrive.

As part of my birthday present every year, my mom gives me a reading for the year ahead. With my Saturn Return coming along, this one was a special prediction.

Here’s what being 27 will mean for my love life in the next few years to come:

I'll Know Exactly What I Want

To be fair, all of this dating the past few years has taught me so much about what I want — and um, mostly, what I don't want. As much as I've loathed terrible dates, they do provide insight into what I'll actually put up with. My mom says all of that hard work (and glasses of wine) are about to pay off: "This time will find her discovering and becoming clear about exactly what type of person and relationship is best for her," she says. "She is looking for a lasting relationship that will also match her sense of adventure and love of travel and shared belief system."

I'm Going to Meet My Partner Suddenly...

We all dream of a meet-cute, amiright? Ya know, two people see each other across a noisy, smoky bar and BAM, they're in love. My parents met that way (lucky 1980s kids!) and have been happily married for 30 years, and my mom doesn't say it'll happen like that for me, she does think I'll be surprised by my future hubby's arrival in my life. And apparently, he'll be a bad, baby boy who makes me feel so good: "A partner may appear quite unexpectedly or seemingly out of the blue with her Saturn return activating her natal Uranus, the planet of the unexpected," Mama says. "A fiery, independent spirit that appeals to her rebellious side."

...And Sometime in the Next 2.5 Years (YAAAS!!)

Though I've always loved the idea of traveling, it has only been until recently that I've actually worn out my passport. My next trip is Spain/Portugal (and maybe another jaunt to Belize) — and my mom encourages my thirst for travel, as that could bring this person to me. "There will be many opportunities to meet a partner over the next 2.5 years with the lucky planet Jupiter making its way through her public houses of travel, foreign lands and people," she says.

I Should Join More Groups That Interest Me

I did delete my dating apps and I've been happier ever since letting all of that baggage, eh, data out of my life. My mom says that was a smart move, and likely, my Saturn Return's movement guiding me to do that. "Jupiter will also be in your house of career and house of groups, clubs and social organizations," she says.

I Might Have Already Met My Future Partner

Say what? Mom says that possible partners from my past might come back to haunt and attempt to date me, which is both awesome and terrifying. She says it'll be a time when I reevaluate if I'd actually like to date 'em or not.

I Might Shack Up

My final years of living with roommates might be in the making, thanks to Saturn's transit in my life. "There is a possibility for a change or residence or more than one move with Uranus in the fourth, shaking up the home life to add more adventure and creating a space for more creativity and fun," Mom says. "Could that move involve combining households with a partner? Absolutely!" Does that mean I have to give up my childhood stuffed animal, finally, since a guy likely doesn't want a giant, old, dog named Sammy so snuggle with??

I always love my mother's insatiable optimism and the way she lives her life with unlimited love and an unconditional support of the universe, but this year's predictions mean more, somehow. I would love the stars to align, as they do, to bring me someone pretty stellar into my life. And even if Saturn brings me trouble — as any change usually does — it's nice to know my mom's final piece of advice will always be true: "Lindsay’s Saturn return promises to bring plenty of excitement and opportunities for finding love, a partner, travel and creating a new life for herself. Get ready, Lindsay! And when it feels a little overwhelming, just call your Mom."

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