Dogs Tackle 'Homeland,' 'Glee,' 'New Girl' in Amazing 2014 Calendar You Need

Hello, everyone: I'd like to introduce you to your new favorite, must-have calendar for 2014. It stars Homeland, Glee, New Girl, Modern Family, Arrested Development, and Sleepy Hollow and, oh yeah: a bunch of DOGS! Hold onto your hearts, lovers and television and animals alike, because the folks over at 20th Century Fox Television (the production house behind said shows) have read the collective mind of America, and they've come up dog-eared. And so a TV-themed dog calendar was born. Some prefer to get naked women rowers in their calendars, while others like Uma Thurman, prefer to co-opt other cultures. But not puppies, man. Puppies just love television — because puppies are just like us!

And as if putting a bunch of dogs in something wasn't already a delightful incentive, the group has decided that the proceeds from calendar sales will benefit the Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue, a non-profit Southern California adoption group. Because they care, and it's the holiday season, so what else is there to do but good things that help others? It's the best part!

And it's a win for canines, too, after several maligned years on the sidelines. Puppies are having a resurgence of popularity on both the Internet and in television (especially puppies on TV with James Wolk), after several years that felt dominated by kitty culture. Luckily, everyone knows cats don't watch TV — they merely sit and wait for the moment they can initiate their elaborate plan for your death. I mean... wait what? Who said that?

Although we do have a tiny concern: were these dogs method actors or just regular-type? Because if its the former, we have some concerned about the mental well-being of the dog cast as Carrie Mathison. If you need a few extra scratches behind the ear, pooch, let us know: we're here to help. We also know a teddy named Saul Bearenson who'd be more than happy to help.

The calendars can be purchased for $30 each either by calling (310-369-8386) or emailing ( I thank you all in advance for buying me my favorite new calendar of the year.

Image: Dogs of TCFTV/20th Century Fox Television