What's Going To Happen With Wren On 'PLL'?

With months to go until the second half of Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars premieres, fans are already speculating about what's in store. At the end of the Pretty Little Liars summer finale, we were given a few tiny hints. Alison DiLaurentis is now a married teacher and her last name is Rollins. It appears that the rest of the Liars haven't been back to Rosewood since leaving for college and a lot has changed. The 6B trailer gave us a few more clues (Is Spencer running for office? Is Hanna engaged?), but mostly just left us with more questions. One I want answered: What's up with Wren Kingston?

When we last heard from the doctor, he was living with Melissa Hastings in London. He helped set Spencer up with interviews at schools in England, but we never actually saw him in Season 5. While plenty of clues pointed to Wren as the man behind A's mask, it turns out that he's not the mastermind. (And hasn't been confirmed as part of the A team.) However, a particularly strange moment in Season 4 hinted that Wren knows about Red Coat. So where does that put him after the Season 6 time jump?

Unfortunately, there's no sign that Wren will be present after the time jump. Julian Morris, the actor who plays Wren, hasn't given any indication on social media that he's headed back to the Pretty Little Liars set. Considering Morris' new role on Hand of God , it's possible that he's stepping out of Rosewood for a bit.

However, that doesn't mean the character has completely vanished. He could still be living in London with Melissa. Also, if Spencer is running for office, there's a chance that the Wren skeleton could be dug out of her closet. At the very end of the summer finale, the Liars ominously referenced a "he" who was coming. Some believe the man in question is Wren. After all, Morris did promise to return to Pretty Little Liars .

As is true with many Pretty Little Liars mysteries, only time (and I. Marlene King) will give us the answers.

Images: ABC Family (screenshot); Giphy