Hanna Marin Understands Your 'PLL' Withdrawal

There are so many things to be said about the recent finale of Pretty Little Liars Season 6A, I don't even know where to begin. What's even more insane, though, is that we are now at the point in our PLL journey where Big A has been revealed. Yes, believers and non-believers of the show, it finally happened: So if you stopped watching because you swore that it was never actually going to happen, then here's a big "I told you so."

Anyway, you'd think this would be a moment for all of us fans to take a deep breathe and relish in all the things we know, but in typical PLL fashion, the answers have only proved to breed more questions. Also, apparently, we have to wait forever and a day to get said questions, and this year, we aren't even getting the typical holiday episode we've been granted year after year. Suffice it to say, the struggle during this hiatus is real as ever.

Good thing though, that we have everyone's favorite truth teller/unabashed food connoisseur, Hanna Marin. Because whatever PLL withdrawal symptom you are currently facing, rest assured that Hanna Marin, just like, gets it. Here's to you not feeling so alone during these struggles.

1. When You Lashed Out On Twitter

Everything you said was pretty much a lie, but NBD.

2. When You Got Mad At Yourself For Not Knowing The Answers

You probably yelled at yourself in the mirror, but no judgment.

3. When You Still Questioned The Ending

Am I A? Honestly, nothing shocks me anymore.

4. When You Were All Like "You Know What Would Help Get The Creative Detective Juices Flowing?"

Some whiskey. Duh.

5. When Your Therapist Started To Get Concerned

Did this just get too real?

6. When You Were Reminded About The Good Ol' Days (Pre-PLL)

But JK, you really don't miss them.

7. When Food Helped


8. When You Were Proud of Yourself For Finally Leaving The House


According to creator I. Marlene King's twitter, only four months to go until Season 6B premieres. That's not so bad, right? RIGHT?!

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