Mayim Bialik Puts Family First On Emmys Morning

On the morning of the biggest night in television, one actress isn't preparing for the award show in the way you'd expect. Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik will be spending the morning of the Emmys visiting her father's grave at the cemetery, according to a recent interview with People. While most nominees are probably running around at last-minute dress fittings or putting the final touches on possible acceptances speeches, Bialik (who's nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy) has different — and way more important — priorities. She told People,

The Sunday in between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is the day to visit graves, so before the Emmys that's where I'll be. But it's really nice because it gives perspective for everything we're doing. There are things so much bigger than anything that goes on [with the Emmys].

After spending the morning with her mom and family, then she'll dive into regular Emmys prep. It's amazing to see that she puts family first and values spending time with those who matter most. Surely it will be a somber morning, but it's great she gets to spend that time with her family and still fit in her religious traditions before what's bound to be a hectic night.

The Big Bang Theory star's father died in April and she says that it impacted her life in many ways, including how she'll dress for the award show. In her interview with People, she said,

My father passed away and I made the decision I wanted to be comfortable and very, very simple. I'm a modest dresser in general. So it wasn't like, Do I show my breasts or not in my year of grieving? But I wanted something very understated and elegant.

There's no doubt that Bialik will look elegant on the red carpet! And here's hoping she walks away with an award. This is her fourth time being nominated for her role as Amy Farrah Fowler. But no matter what happens tonight, her family-focused perspective makes her a winner in my book.