What Does Kit's Emmy Absence Mean? Um, EVERYTHING

While the majority of celebs at the 2015 Emmys are concerned about the heatwave, my thoughts have been centered around a much more chilling topic — and by chilling, I mean, cold. And by cold, I mean snow. Jon Snow, to be exact. Because as of now, Kit Harington is completely MIA at the 2015 Emmys. The only question that remains is...why? Though a big part of me is sad that he isn't around to drool over (uh, I mean, admire in a totally non-creepy way), I can't help but wonder if Harington's absence at the Emmys could be due to the fact that he's currently too busy doing other important things with his time…like having his character Jon Snow get resurrected.

Unless you haven't spoken to anyone or gone online in the last several months, you know that the Game of Thrones Season 5 finale ended with (spoiler!) Jon Snow getting killed at the hand of the Night's Watch. But given all of the theories centered around Jon Snow's true heritage, most of the GoT community refuse to accept that our dreamy Lord Commander is gone for good. So basically, we're looking for any and all clues that indicate what we know to be true: that Jon Snow is alive and will be back again with a vengeance next season. Therefore, you can see how Harington's Emmys brush off is only going to add fuel to this roaring theory fire.

Sure, I guess it's possible that the actor could've had other social engagements planned. (I hear that not everyone's life is centered around television like mine is.) But I have a hard time believing that much would keep Harington away from television's biggest night, especially since Game of Thrones is nominated for Outstanding Drama Series and stands a good chance of winning. (That is, unless Mad Men beats them out.) So what could possibly be preventing him from attending? I'd say a Jon Snow resurrection is pretty much the only acceptable excuse at this point.

Jon Snow may know nothing, but Kit Harington knows better than to miss such an important ceremony for anything less. *fingers crossed*