Sofia Tells A Cute Story About Joe At The Emmys

by Kadeen Griffiths

When Hollywood isn't busy giving us the crippling fear that love is dead by forcing us to watch our favorite couples break up, it's giving us relationship goals by allowing us to see our favorite couples thrive and be adorable. Such was the case on Sunday night, when Sofia Vergara talked about Joe Manganiello on the red carpet, somehow managing to give us relationship goals even without Manganiello even being present for the interview. In fact, the moment got even cuter when Vergara explained an Instagram photo of Manganiello that she had posted in late August, which featured Manganiello reading a copy of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine that featured Vergara as the cover girl. Awww.

But let's rewind for a moment. The cuteness started when Vergara identified her perfume as the one of her own creation she has recently released, called Love by Sofia Vergara. According to her, "I got inspired by my wedding that is in November, so we did a lot of fragrance that is romantic and sexy at the end of the night. Like vanilla, and sandalwood, and coffee flower." Hold up. Did she just say that she based an entire perfume off a wedding that hasn't even happened yet? I literally can't imagine how breathlessly in love you have to be in order to envision your wedding day so perfectly that you already have a perfume based on it. In fact, why don't more people create their own perfumes to wear to their fall weddings? Seriously, Vergara is changing the game here, while also making me melt into a puddle of goo.

But things got even cuter when Vergara took the time to explain the story behind this August Instagram post: "[Joe] was making fun of me because on the cover [of the magazine] it says 'Sofia In Love,' so he was like, 'Give me the magazine, I have to see if you're talking good about me.'" Even better, when asked if he was pleased with what he read, Vergara confirmed, "Yeah, he loved it. Look at his face of satisfaction." Awwww take two. Admittedly, Vergara and Manganiello aren't exactly a low-key couple, so it's not like we don't have plenty of adorable moments to point to when we want to think about how strong their relationship game is. They talk about each other constantly, are constantly photographed together, and their Instagrams are littered with photos of the two of them apart and together. Seriously, they just look good together.

Despite all of that, it's the rare couple that can melt your heart even when one of them "is in the back," leaving the other to field questions about their relationship so expertly that you just end up 'shipping them all over again. And that's exactly what Vergara did for me on the Emmys red carpet, as if looking at all the photos and watching all of the gifs of her arrival with Manganiello wasn't enough. I'm sure I'm not alone in hoping that these two cuties stay together for a long, long time.

Image: Giphy