What To Watch While Waiting For '50 Shades' Online

It's been almost a year since Fifty Shades of Grey was released in theaters, giving audiences everywhere the BDSM, Twilight-inspired love story that someone, apparently, asked for. The romantic drama starring Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan and the red room of pain incited heated debates over the nature of controlling relationships and how sex is depicted on-screen. While lovers of the Fifty Shades trilogy and fans of Dornan's abs await the release of the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, which is set to hit theaters in February 2017, many are getting their Fifty Shades fix by re-watching the first film. That is, if they can get their hands on it. Where can you watch Fifty Shades of Grey online? The film is currently out on DVD and Blu-ray, complete with extended scenes and special features you won't see in theaters, but Fifty Shades is noticeably absent from Netflix streaming, leaving many fans wondering where to view it online.

The movie might not be streaming on Netflix yet, but it is available to rent on Amazon Video for $5.99 and to buy for $9.99. As an added bonus, fans can also purchase the unrated version of the film on Amazon Video for $14.99. Fifty Shades of Grey is also available for purchase and rent on iTunes — for $9.99 and $5.99 respectively. The iTunes version features both the theatrical release and the unrated cut.

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Still, until it's streaming for free, it's not perfect, and plenty of people might miss out on getting to watch it. That's too bad; Fifty Shades of Grey stands out in film as containing some of the most striking sex scenes ever made by and for women. If, like me, you hunger for more female-directed sex scenes — and female-directed films in general — here are a few you can watch while waiting for Fifty Shades' addition to streaming.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Amy Heckerling, of Clueless fame, directed this 1982 film about a group of high school students who struggle with various high school problems — a stoner must learn to study after slacking off during class, a teenage girl loses her virginity before she's ready, a boy has a crush on a girl he can't have, etc. If you haven't seen this movie yet, you should see it, if not for the funny and heartbreaking coming-of-age stories, then for the young all-star cast featuring Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates. Hurry up, your sexual awakening awaits.

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OK, just hear me out on this one. First, if you love Fifty Shades, it's definitely worth revisiting the movie adaptation of the book that started it all: Twilight . (Let us never forget that Fifty Shades originated as a Twilight fan fiction.) Twilight , directed by Catherine Hardwicke, is such a film not unlike Fifty Shades in which the directing and performances far exceed the quality of the story and writing. Despite any problems or corny lines Twilight may have, at its core, it is the story of a young girl experiencing first love and lust. And Hardwicke's authentic vision is clear throughout.

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This Keri Russell-starring dramedy from the late writer-director Adrienne Shelly is an instant classic. The story of a pregnant, abused woman who falls in (happy) love for the first time is equal parts beautiful, tragic and hilarious. (Warning: it will also make you want to eat all the pie.)

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An Education

Lone Scherfig directed this beautiful and fun movie that provided a huge breakout role for Carey Mulligan and a huge gift to young girls struggling to find their way outside of conventional social norms.

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So although it may be awhile before Fifty Shades hits the streaming world, there are plenty of similar movies to watch in the meantime. In private. Trust me.

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