We Need An Ariana/Bieber "What Do You Mean?" Remix

Stop the metaphorical Internet presses: Ariana Grande covered Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" during her Honeymoon Tour concert in Houston last Friday. Now, I'm convinced she needs to hop on an official remix of the track ASAP. Like, sooner than ASAP, actually. (Hey, you never know. She's a fast worker!) As Billboard reports, Grande's performance was preceded by a mashup of her song "One Last Time" and "What Do You Mean?" making the rounds online. Before her show began on Friday night, the 22-year-old artist shared a short snippet of the mashup — which was created by YouTuber Jake Marra — on Instagram, suggesting that it may have been what gave her the idea to cover "What Do You Mean?" in the first place! That's pretty cool.

The good news: Footage of Grande singing "What Do You Mean?" has made its way online. The bad news: The audio quality isn't great. Still, I think the brief clip has the power to turn even the most hardened, cynical pop music fan into a Beliebanator. Grande's vocals sound heavenly! The two stars must record a "What Do You Mean?" duet posthaste. I know "What Do You Mean" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (and it's selling just fine), so it doesn't exactly need a remix right now... but I really, really want one. After all, Bieber's as-yet-untitled new album and Grande's new single, "Focus," are both still over a month away... wouldn't it be nice if they gave their fans a little something to make the wait easier?

Check out a snippet of Grande's "What Do You Mean?" performance below.

Hopefully, Grande and Bieber will put an official version on iTunes in the very near future. I'll keep my fingers crossed.