Ashley S. Needs To Invite Animals To Her Wedding

by Nicole Pomarico

In case you haven't heard the truly awesome news, let me be the one to fill you in: Ashley Salter is engaged. Yep, I'm talking about everyone's favorite Bachelor contestant, aka Onion Girl. As of just a couple of weeks ago — and right in time with the end of Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 — Ashley announced she's engaged to Austin Brannen, her college sweetheart from Auburn University, and they're ridiculously cute together. Take that, Dan Cox.

And for so many reasons, I can't wait to see Ashley's wedding. Unfortunately, I doubt that it'll take place on a Bachelor Nation show (especially since her husband-to-be isn't part of the franchise), but my fingers are crossed that she'll keep us updated on Instagram. And, while I'm sure she'll invite plenty of the human friends she's made while she was on the show, there are a lot of animal friends she should invite, too. Because while Dan was being a jerk, Ashley was communicating with the many animals in Mexico... even the crabs that everyone was afraid of on BiP.

So, just in case her guest list ends up extending to her furry friends, I have a few in mind she needs to include.

1. The Birds From BiP

When the episode aired that featured her chatting it up with birds more than actual people, Ashley revealed that she's so comfortable with all things feathered because she has one of her own at home. So yeah, Sebastian should definitely come, too.

2. And The Crabs, Obviously

I don't care how much screaming everyone did. I thought they were adorable, and clearly, so did Ashley.

3. The Cats From Mesa Verde

Let's be real: Most of us would abandon a zombie hunt to commune with some cute kittens, so I'm not sure why The Bachelor decided to make her look nuts in editing for it. Everyone knows cats are the best.

4. Chris Soules' Cows

She never got to meet them, but I have a feeling they definitely would have bonded.

5. Clare Crawley's Raccoon BFF

Why not? He's retired from The Bachelor franchise now, just like Ashley, so it seems obvious that he would be included, too. He can even wear his jersey if he wants.

6. These Swans She Instagrammed

You know, for good measure. Even if they do seem like they have an attitude.

With or without these animal guests, Ashley's wedding is going to be the best. Please let it take place in the actual Mesa Verde.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC, Screengrab/ABC, Screengrab/YouTube