Ashley S. & Her Guy Probably Won't Marry On 'BiP'

Two engagements came out of this season of Bachelor in Paradise, which is pretty impressive if you ask me. First, we have Jade and Tanner, a couple who found love in a rather hopeless place. Then we have Ashley S. and Austin, who just got engaged. Austin... Is that the guy from Des' season that no one remembered? Nope, you don't know Austin. I never said the two engagements were made up of solely Bachelor in Paradise cast members. Ashley S., who was looking for love in Paradise, actually left the show and rekindled an old love with a college romance (Austin) and seems to left Paradise behind. But, is there a chance that Ashley could return to Paradise to get married to Austin?

While a double wedding between Jade/Tanner and Ashley/Austin would be amazing, I don't think we should hold our breath thinking that is going to happen. After a thorough investigation — Instagram stalking, really — it seems like Ashley and Austin are living that #BachelorFree life on their own terms, and I kind of love it. Plus, can you really blame Ashley for doing things on her own? The show didn't always give her the kindest edit.

To keep their relationship free of The Bachelor Curse (in which most couples end up breaking up), here's why Ashley and Austin should not return to Paradise to get married.

The Show Didn't Edit Her Well

My biggest critique of Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelor was that they loved the "Crazy Ashley S." angle as much as they loved the "Ashley I.-Cries-A Lot" angle. Ashley S., who is not mentally insane — thank you very much, was a victim of the production of the two shows. While I'd like to think this girl is genuinely funny and knows how to play up her goofy side for the camera, I can't help but majorly roll my eyes at how producers edited her. What would they suggest for a Bachelor in Paradise wedding? That an onion officiate it?

She Now Has 12 Roses

And mathematically, 12 is, in fact, better than one dinky rose.

Because Her Options Weren't Exactly Stellar

Because Dan? Really? Chris Soules? I'm sure these guys are nice and all, but you can't pair a firecracker with a soggy piece of bread.

She Deserves Much Better

All in all, Ashley deserves to be happy. So, I wouldn't count on a wedding in Mexico, but at least she's found the right guy for her after all that searching.

Image: Ashley Salter/Instagram; Giphy (2)