Britney Spears Makes Match-Matchy Look Cool

Matching your shoes and your hair can be fun, especially when you are rocking a hair color not found in nature. I'm not talking chocolate brown hair and caramel heels. No way! Britney Spears matched her mermaid blue hair to her shoes at an event and the result was just darling.

Spears has kept the mermaid locks, which mix light blue and soft purple strands, for longer than I expected. She rocked 'em at the VMAs. But the pop singer recently posted a pic on Instagram in which she knelt in front of a little girl at an event. Since she was crouching down, you could see her chunky blue wedges, which were well-coordinated with her hair. But she didn't overdo it.

Spears loves her a chunky heel. Some things never change, right? She paired the blue heels with khakis and a peach top with a scoop neck. It was cute and casual, adding a little glam thanks to her coif and shoes.

But matching one's shoes to one's hair isn't always easy or a sartorial success. It's like Kylie Jenner matching her hair and her lips; it takes time, practice, and knowing what works.

Matching hair with an accessory can look cartoonish if it's not done right. It has to be subtle and something that feels effortless. You don't want to have people notice your matching strands and shoes from a mile away, do you? No, you don't.

Spears' tips are purple, with the blue color living higher up the follicle. Opting to match her shoes to the blue is another smart move, since purple platforms might have been a bit too much. There is some separation between her blues. That's why it works.

Also, her hair is a pastel and pale blue, while her shoes are the color of a swirly, light-wash denim. They are not the same blue and that makes all the difference. Too matchy matchy would have derailed this decision. And she wisely didn't wear blue jeans. That would have been too much.

Her mermaid shade also looks fab when fashioned in a fishtail braid. She is taking that aquatic hair theme to the next level.

I realize that not all of us can do the ombre dip dye job like Spears and Gwen Stefani. So if you have pink hair and want to wear pink shoes, my suggestion is to tear a page out of Brit Brit's book and make sure the shoes are lighter or darker than your hair hue to avoid a clownish and too matched look.

Happy coordinating!