The Adventure Cat Insta Will Give You So Much FOMO

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Feline enthusiast Laura Moss has created an adventure cats Instagram, and cat lovers around the world have rejoiced. Inspired by Craig Armstrong, rescue cat daddy of Millie, Moss hopes to make people rethink the way they view cats — as adventurous. Socially, I'm not a cat person. When forced the make the distinction I always choose dogs. I've grown up with them, I understand them, and they make good friends. If I happen to be at someone's house who has a cat, surely I'll oooh and coo at it, scratch its chin if it will let me, and feign interest in its existence. But the truth is they bore me. I have enough men in my life who play hard to get, I don't need to introduce a new species into my life that plays the same game. That said, Craig and Laura's missions piqued my interest. By nature, cats are adventurous — they run, they jump, they scale buildings and get stuck in trees — this I knew. But the concept of partnering with a pet for shared adventures was an idea I'd only attribute to dog owners.

When Craig rescued his adventure girl, Millie, he could tell right away that she would be an active partner. Perched on his shoulder as he filled out her adoption papers, Millie was a lucky rescue to be matched so perfectly. Through Craig's story, he hopes to inspire people to work with their cats to enhance their lifestyle. It's not as easy as squeezing you old house cat into a harness and dragging her up a mountain, it's more about slowly training active cats.

I'm still a dog person, I don't think that will ever change, but I can definitely appreciate "catting" (the term Craig uses to describe his lifestyle). And I can't deny the outrageously adorable pictures featured on this account. It's worth a follow, even if you're not a cat person.

What's left to ponder?

A little moss under the paws never hurt anyone

Because sunsets

Your personal rodent and loneliness defense officer

Because cat-pirates are all the rage right now

A little height, a little perspective

Dinner that doesn't come in a can

Images: adventurecatsorg/Instagram (7)