8 'Scream Queens' Season 1 Guest Stars That Will Help Make This Series A Killer Success

While most viewers tend to focus on the main cast of a TV series, sometimes it's the temporary roles that pack the biggest punch, and I think the Scream Queens Season 1 guest stars will prove to be no exception throughout the show's freshman run. While it's true that the likes of Kappa House Queen Bee Emma Roberts and horror genre extraordinaire Jamie Lee Curtis will undoubted steal the show and become our main focus each and every week, don't let that fact take away from all the gory goodness the smaller roles will bring to the murder table once Scream Queens premieres. Take Nick Jonas, for example, who is set guest star as Boone — a member of the Dollar Scholars fraternity. The presence of those biceps alone is enough to make his visit well worth our time. And he's only just the beginning.

Ryan Murphy has spared no expense when it comes to this impressive cast of characters. From main stars to guest stars, this show is chock-full of some seriously killer talent. (Pun very much intended, by the way.) So just in case you needed yet another reason to get excited for Scream Queens' debut, here's a round-up of the show's most anticipated guest stars that prove this horror-comedy is simply to die for.

Ariana Grande As Chanel #2

Ariana is trading in her vocal chops for some acting chops. Not only will her character serve as a current member of the Kappa sorority, she'll be one of Chanel's go-to minions/BFFs. (I think Chanel views those two things as one in the same.) But is she able to survive the bloody onslaught that's coming their way? Her "guest star" title may not put the odds in her favor.

Roger Bart & Charisma Carpenter As Dr. & Mrs. Herfmann

He's known for playing Mason Treadwell on Revenge; she's best known for her iconic role as Cordelia Chase on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Together, they'll take on Scream Queens portraying Chanel #2's parents. And based on their outfits above, I'm already in love with them.

Niecy Nash As Denise Hemphill

As a security guard at the university, Nash's character is determined to protect the Kappa Kappa Tau House no matter what. Though, considering all of the murders that will be taking place there, I'd say she's not doing a very good job thus far.

Patrick Schwarzenegger As Thad Radwell


This handsome guy will serve as younger brother to the main character Chad, who is a member of the Dollar Scholars fraternity and also Chanel's boyfriend. Perhaps the two brothers will end up vying for her affection?

Chad Michael Murray As Brad Radwell

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just in case you needed further proof that the Radwells have excellent genes, Murray has recently been cast to play Chad and Thad's older brother. (Anyone else sensing a pattern with these names here?) Oh, and he also just so happens to be a Hollywood talent agent. Maybe he's looking for someone who would die for their art.

Alan Thicke As Mr. Radwell

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

From Growing Pains to Scream Queens! Thicke will portray the patriarch of the Radwell family.

Julia Duffy As Mrs. Radwell

Carlo Allegri/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And, of course, no family tree would be complete without its matriarch. I'm starting to get the impression we're going to know the Radwells fairly well by season's end.

Bring on the screams!

Images: Matthias Clamer/FOX; Steve Dietl/FOX; Skip Bolen/FOX (2)