11 Things Only Journalism Majors Understand

Being a journalism major in the late 2000s was kind of like majoring in clown studies at Harvard. People would ask you what you were studying, and you'd eagerly pipe up, "Oh! I'm a journalism major," and they'd give you a look, as if to say, "No... I'm sorry, that's not the right answer." But nonetheless, we journos stood our ground — well, the tough ones did. My class of journalism majors started with about 80 kids in the program, and four years later there were only 30 left. Needless to say, those 30 kids had character. Or maybe we had all just watched too many chick flicks in which the strong, sassy female lead was a magazine editor, and somehow felt compelled to keep our major in solidarity with Kate Hudson's character in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. (I promise I'm kidding, though I do really like that movie and therefore chose that line over a Woodward and Bernstein joke.)

Regardless of whether journalism majors go into journalism, end up in a creative field, or end up switching their major halfway through college and then graduate as an economics major, it is certainly a wild ride. Especially if your definition of "wild" is reading Hunter S. Thompson at 10 A.M., and feeling like he would've appreciated the fact that you were mildly hungover. Here are 11 things only journalism majors understand:

1. Your Life Will Be Nothing Like Rory Gilmore's, Andie Anderson's, Or Even Paris Geller's

Let's be real, Jared Padelecki and Matthew McConnaughey were never in the cards for me.

2. The Earlier You Learn The Meaning Of The Word "Deadline" The Better Of You'll Be In Life

You really majored in being On Your Sh*t.

3. That You Should Fear Citizen Journalism Because It Will Put You Out Of A Job

Trust me, going to journalism school at the beginning of the citizen journalism era was DRAMA AF.

4. Or Else, That You Should Become A Citizen Journalist Because If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

BBHMM. Except not.

5. The Privilege Of Reading Incredible Writing In Class

I've openly wept in journalism classes because the work was that damn good.

6. To Learn To Love The Words "Multimedia" And "Social Media" Because That's All Anyone Heard About After 2005

Yeah, b*tch, we can video edit.

7. AP Stylebook Is The Bible

And everyone still has their personal copy.

8. You Don't Get To Make Newspaper Hats On The First Day Of Class

Though you might've had the privilege of memorizing the first amendment, which is what I did.

9. InDesign Is A Thing And You Can't Get Around It

Guys, is that reference dated?

10. Learning To Write Well In College, Even If You Never Go Into Journalism, Is Worthwhile

#bless #sorryaboutthetypos

11. Student Newspapers Are The Worst

Just kidding. Those kids were totally cool and didn't suck at all.

Images: Giphy (11), The WB