Don't Read Into Anything Scott Disick Posts

The promo clip for the second half of Season 10 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is a whole lot of crazy crammed into 1:12 minutes. In addition to finding out how the family feels about Caitlyn Jenner and revealing everyone's reactions after news breaks that Scott Disick has been spending quality time with stylist Chloe Bartoli (spoiler: Kris Jenner calls him a "piece of sh*t" and I can't say I blame her), viewers are also going to experience the demise of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's relationship through the 36-year-old reality star's own eyes and words. The normally reserved older sister breaks down and cries in the sneak peek as she comes to terms with the fact that her fun, but unstable, 32-year-old partner and the father of her three very young children is probably not returning home from the constant party that has become his life lately.

I highly doubt anyone is shocked that Kourtney feels sad, lost, and angry to be thrust into the position of single mom while Scott reportedly continues to drink, go clubbing, and hang with other women, but that doesn't make watching her cry any easier to digest. If anything, Kourtney's supporters are only going to stick more faithfully by her side and sound off on the father-of-three's social media page with even more gusto.

After this sneak peek was released, Scott posted an Instagram meme that lots of folks assumed the meaning of. Surely, he's rushing to his ex's defense and cautioning people to "just stop" talking and spreading gossip about his love life. Obviously, he's doing this because he really cares for Kourtney and hates seeing her shaken up like this, right? Here's the post:

I don't doubt Scott cares deeply about the mother of his children. I don't question his desire to get better and it certainly seems like something has a stronger hold on him than the affections of a pretty brunette. But, knowing what is known about him, it be would misguided to assume there's some hidden meaning in this meme. Sure, it could be a message for gossipers. It could even be a message directed at the Kardashians — like, please stop talking and letting everyone in on our business.

Or, it could mean absolutely nada. The Lord is slightly sarcastic at times. He also rarely opens up his heart and soul on social media. Here are seven Disick posts that could also be very easily misinterpreted. It's kind of his thing.

1. His Drug Jokes

Oh, ha ha, he's not really high on drugs, he's just on a plane. Get it? Or is he trying to throw everyone off? Or he is really just high up on a plane and not in the mood to take your phone call? The world may never know.

2. His Seating Card

Maybe he misses Kourtney and is thinking about her as he realizes he doesn't have a guest to bring to this event. Or maybe he posted this five minutes before he met another gorgeous single lady at this wedding. Remember: IG is not life.

3. His Use Of Jack Nicholson

Is he totally directing this meme at the many people who post comments on his Instagram like, "You're sloppy! Why did u do Kourtney so bad? She took care of your ass for years!!!!"? Or is this meme a message for Kourtney or one of her family members. Then again, Jack Nicholson is pretty badass — Scott might simply be a fan.

4. That Time He Made A Gross Joke About Kourtney

No, that's not Scott in his younger years — that's Rob Kardashian. Disick is a natural jokester.

Moral of the story: Take everything Scott Disick posts on Instagram with a grain of salt.