Jay Z + Kanye = Children's Book?

Today, in totally bizarre news, it turns out there's a children's book about Jay Z and Kanye West's "Ni**as in Paris" — because obviously the only thing stopping you from rapping your children to sleep before was “Ni**as in Paris”’ total lack of illustrations, right? Luckily for little Tommy (or whatever you named your kid, I don’t know), the whole rap has now been translated into 32 pages of (rather creepy) cartoons — and tactfully re-named Friends in Paris. Perfect.

Bianca Bosso from music site The Interns was inspired when she saw the picture book Bound 2Gether , a children’s book based on Kanye’s “Bound 2” music video. At once, she knew she wanted to turn another of Kanye’s raps into a picture book. Naturally, her mind went straight to another song just perfect for children: the not-at-all-offensive-or-sweary “Ni**as in Paris.”

To Bosso’s credit, Friends in Paris is kind of a delightful children’s story. The book follows Kanye and Jay Z having a jolly time in Paris, playing ball so hard that Jay Z jokes “they’ll want to fine us,” until they accidentally break a clock. “This stuff is crazy,” confirms Kanye, in not quite the same words we’ve been singing along to all this time. Kim Kardashian even makes a cameo appearance trying to marry Kanye at the mall, and ordering a fish filet.

You can read Friends in Paris online for free — but if that’s not enough, never fear. Thanks to a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the world has successfully crowdfunded this picture book of Jay Z and Kanye's friendship to go to print. For the equivalent of around $20, you can have your very own copy shipped to you all the way from Australia, just in time for little Tommy’s bedtime story. Sweet dreams, little Tommy. This stuff is crazy.