'Bound 2' Now A Children's Book Because Finally

Kanye West may have found his way into the adult, twentysomethings, and teenager market, but the toddlers have been hard to reach...until now. Design student Zac Tebbel created a children's book based on "Bound 2" titled Bound 2Gether, in which Kanye appears as himself and Kim Karashian-West appears as a literal chick. Can we make sure North West has this on her designer bookshelf immediately?

Tebbel created Bound 2Gether as part of his senior thesis. The prompt? Take an important piece of art and switch it into another medium. And the notorious "Bound 2" video starring West and Kardashian West is nothing but an important piece of art. Why not bring Kanye into his last remaining market share, he wondered:

The translation of 'Bound 2' into a children's book felt appropriate because the only audience that Kanye isn't reaching right now is toddlers, and they are missing out on some of the important life lessons that Kanye has to offer. As a big Kanye fan, I felt the need to fill this void.

The picture books follows Kimye, when Kanye is "the coolest kid in town" (because of course) and Kim is "the cutest chick in town." And again, she's a literal baby chicken.

When Kanye starts playing with other chicks, Kim chick gets upset and runs away.

But Kanye searches all night and all day to find his beloved chick Kim. And when he finally finds her, the two run to each other.

And, awwww, Kanye.

Of course the picture book has big names blurbing it, too:

To make sure toddler North has a soundtrack to her new book about her parents, Tebbal is also working on a baby version of Kanye's Yeezus album called Baby Yeezus. Your new bedtime routine is all figured out.

Images: Courtesy of Zac Tebbal