How Did Sara & CeCe Team Up On 'PLL'?

Fans of Pretty Little Liars have waited patiently for the answers to their most burning questions, and the Season 6A finale finally delivered — well, for the most part, at least. After years of torture and months of dollhouse imprisonment, the events of the Liars' prom night revealed that CeCe was Big A — and that her Black Widow minion was none other than Emily's current boo thing Sara "I'm Going To Take A Shower" Harvey. The real kicker, though? That, in addition to being the Black Widow at Wilden's funeral, Sara was also the other Red Coat watching the girls the night of the fire. Sara was a resident of the dark side this entire time, proving that all of our Pretty Little Liars-related trust issues are completely valid.

There are plenty of people who assumed that Sara was bad news from the get-go (especially all of you Emison shippers out there, though I'm going to assume you had an entirely different agenda for disliking Shower Harvey) but no one really knows how she got hooked up with CeCe in the first place. These two may be a seemingly unified A-Team front, but no one for sure knows how they even met. We'll have to wait until Season 6B to learn of the real connection between Sara and CeCe, but for now, here are just a few theories that could connect the dot:

1. Sara Could Have Been A Patient At Radley With CeCe

Is there a worse mental healthy facility than Radley Sanitarium? Considering how many people escape from the facility and/or go on to murder people long after they're treated, I'd say you'd be better off getting mental healthcare literally anywhere else. We have no proof that Sara was a patient at Radley, but she did seem perfectly willing to blow the place up when CeCe asked — perhaps Sara and CeCe bonded over their mistreatment while they were both patients?

2. She Could Have Been A Former Radley Patient With A Vendetta

We know that Radley has a children's ward, and it doesn't seem like the nicest place to grow up. Perhaps Sara's neglectful mother shipped her to Radley when she was young for a few years, which turned Sara into a vengeful monster. She could have met CeCe long after her Radley days were behind her out in the "real world" — and, upon realizing their Radley connection, could have formed a friendship that turned into the A-Team.

3. She Could Be CeCe's Girlfriend

One simple explanation for their connection? That Sara and CeCe are actually in love. We know that CeCe was able to leave for classes at UPenn even when she was at Radley, and that she wasn't actually into Jason (because, umm, Jason is her brother). Perhaps Sara and CeCe were dating for years, and CeCe helped Sara runaway from her mother? When it was time, CeCe could have enlisted her girlfriend's help in taking down the Liars and playing the A-Game.

4. Sara Could've Really Been Kidnapped By CeCe

Perhaps CeCe and Sara really did meet in the way that Sara described — Sara certainly looked like a victim when the cops raided the dollhouse, and her wall of marks counting the days certainly seemed authentic. Maybe CeCe did grab Sara because she looked like Ali, but eventually formed a strong bond with her that turned them into allies? After all, Stockholm Syndrome is a real thing.

5. Sara Could've Been Ali's Stalker

Lots of people hated Ali, and plenty of other people wanted to be her. We know that Sara was the Queen Bee of her own high school, but what if she only got that way by mimicking Ali? Perhaps Ali was awful to Sara a long time ago, which spurned Sara so badly that she adopted Ali's own personality and went on to stalk her from afar? Sara could have known that Ali had run away from home (and, more importantly, that she wasn't actually dead), so she followed Ali and thus "disappeared" herself. She might have been the person to tell CeCe that her sister was really alive, which led to CeCe and Sara teaming up for the A game.

6. She Could Be On CeCe's Payroll

Maybe how CeCe and Sara are connected is simple: money. We know that CeCe is the "Wolf of Rosewood" and made bank in the stock market (well, that was easy) but she definitely couldn't do everything on her own. Perhaps she found runaway Sara and knowing that she was desperate for money, paid her a lot of cash to do her dirty work. Since Sara already had the Queen Bee mentality down, it might not have taken much convincing for her to torture the Liars.

Ultimately we'll have to wait until Season 6B to learn how CeCe and Sara are really connected, but here's hoping that they stay away from one another in the second half of this season. When these two blondes come together, it's nothing but bad news.

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