Vanessa Hudgens Matches Gold Nails & Shades

One of the trends of the late summer and newly-minted fall has been subtle or low key matchy-matchy pieces. Boho chic queen Vanessa Hudgens matched her golden nails to her sunglasses and the result was as metallic as it was modern. Matching a mani with a pair of sunglasses is so much fun!

The raven-haired singer and actress was effectively pulling a Kylie Jenner, who matched her pink mani to her pricy Givenchy bag earlier this year. It's not the first time Hudgens and Jenner have rocked similar trends; both ladies went blue last summer!

Hudgens was also pulling a Britney Spears, since the singer recently coordinated her blue mermaid hair and chunky wedge shoes... but in a very subtle and not too matchy-matchy way!

So this trend, which could be rather long-lasting, is all about an accessory coordinating with a bodily feature. Nails and bags, hair and shoes, nails and sunnies. The possibilities are endless and you can look to these three stylish ladies and beyond for more inspo.

Hudgens wore a pair of geometric golden frames with amber lenses and a brow bar. There was a lot going on and they were super unique, due to the shape. Her nails were long daggers dipped in gold. But the matching element was not overpowering. It was totally awesome.

Actually, did you notice that Hudgens' soft, peachy x brown lipstick was also closely aligned with the color of the lenses? This look was more matchy-matchy than it seemed at first. But it wasn't a golden and brown overload. Hudgens' sunglasses were the centerpiece, with two elements matched to her lips and nails.

It all fell into place.

That's key when you want to do a matchy-matchy and coordinated look. Don't overdo it.

This pair is in the same spirit as Hudgens' frames, thanks to the unusual shape. ($225,

Add a couple of coats of Essie Good as Gold to your digits and you've got a cutely coordinated pair of shades and nails. ($8.50,

The actress doesn't capture as much attention as the Kardashians or Jenners, but she is such a style star who shows off easy-to-copy looks.

Hudgens wore her hair in a boxer braid this summer and it was insanely easy to replicate and totally adorbs. Try it... all the while rocking a gold mani and glasses.

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Images: Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram (1); Shopbop (1); Essie (1)