Will Beyonce Guest Star On 'Scandal'?

Someone just had the best idea ever, and the haver of said idea is none other than Scandal star, Kerry Washington. On Friday, Sept. 25, Washington told Entertainment Weekly editor, Henry Goldblatt, that she would love, love, love to have Beyoncé guest star on Scandal. "It would be great to have somebody like Beyoncé on the show, because any time Beyoncé does anything, it makes the world stop, and I would just be happy,” Washington said, in what may go down as the most accurate statement of 2015. "Any time I get to be in a room with her, I’m like, ‘This is great.’” Preach! The hit Shonda Rhimes drama has had its share of impressive guest stints (Lisa Kudrow, Portia de Rossi, and Lena Dunham to name a few), but — now that Washington has planted the seed of a potential Beyoncé appearance — I'm suddenly finding myself aghast that the "Partition" singer has never graced the halls of Olivia Pope & Associates.

Not only is Beyoncé a certified superstar, she embodies the confidence, intellectual acumen, and general badassery that has been so prominent throughout Scandal's regaled tenure on ABC. In fact, the singer has unwittingly demonstrated that she would fit right in with the show's ensemble during many points throughout her career. Are you looking for examples? Oh, I got you covered.

1. When She Was "Feelin'" Herself & This Cheeseburger

If you're going to quash scandals left and right, you need proper fuel, along with an on fleek IDGAF attitude.

2. When She "Handled" Her Own Scandal Like A BOSS

Remember the infamous Jay Z/Solange elevator incident? Not only was the family able to move past the crisis and handle the media superbly, but Beyoncé ended up referencing said event while teaming up with Nicki Minaj for the "Flawless" remix.

3. When She Wasn't Taking Any Crap From ANYONE In Obsessed

Not only was Beyoncé able to showcase her acting chops in this MASTERPIECE, her character was one that could perfectly enter the fold on any salacious drama.

4. When She Displayed Her Love Of Wine & Enviable Bling AT THE SAME TIME

There needs to be a toast between Beyoncé and Olivia ASAP.

5. When She Came At You Harder Than A Wrecking Ball In "Ring The Alarm"

There is not a single nefarious politician or member of B613 that would be able to mess with this.

6. When She & Michelle Obama Became BFF

Beyoncé and Michelle Obama's friendship may trump all the #FriendshipGoals dispensed by Taylor Swift's ever-growing squad — #sorrynotsorry.

7. When She Proved She Is The Queen Of Throwing Shade

For a more detailed account on this fact, please read Kat George's phenomenally in-depth look at why Beyonce is the queen of throwing shade. Sometimes shade really does need to be thrown guys — particularly when you're dealing with a whole buffet of inextricably linked scandals.

I think the evidence speaks for itself. For the love of everything, can somebody please cast Beyoncé on Scandal as soon as humanly possible?

Images: Giphy (4); Beyoncé/Instagram