Catwoman Deserves Her Own Holiday

Twitter always keeps me up to date on fledgling holidays, and Saturday, Sept. 26, was no exception. Today is Batman Day, a follow-up to last year's celebration of the Cape Crusader's 75th birthday. Holy kryptonite! The celebration was initially meant to be a one-and-done, but — according to IGN — DC Comics has decided to make the day "an annual event" due to the explosive response Batman Day received last year from fans. As a fan of stoic billionaires, sage butlers, and harsh whispers, I am all about gleefully hopping aboard this trend. I can only hope that other fan favorites are given their time in the spotlight — and the world of trending hashtags — as well.

I'm not just talking about the lead protagonists, here. The land of DC Comics and Marvel Comics have spawned a plethora of intriguing sidekicks, villains, and antiheroes that remain iconic both within glossy pages and on the big screen. As far as the landscape of Batman goes, Catwoman (or Selina Kyle, as she was known sans disguise) is a character whose notoriety arguably rivaled that of Bruce Wayne, himself. The complex antiheroine toggled between vitriol and sympathy, and her love-hate relationship with Bruce remains one of the most beguiling partnerships in comic book history, IMHO.

We have a Batman Day, Star Wars Day (a.k.a. May the Fourth), and a National Guacamole Day among many, many others. I think it is high time that Catwoman gets a day all to herself, and I have a few reasons to prove it.

1. She's Got Style

Throughout the character's evolution, one thing that Catwoman has long been regaled for is her style. Whether you want to go the skin-tight leather route á la Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns, or you prefer the grittier style of Camren Bicondova's take on a young Selina in Gotham — there is Catwoman attire for every taste and personality. Plus, why should Halloween be the only time we get to dress up?

2. She's SO Quotable

Just as I walked around saying "It's handled" ad nauseam when first wearing an outfit from The Limited's Scandal collection, I — and every meow-loving Catwoman fan across the nation — would gleefully purr all of the antiheroine's classic one-liners during her joyous holiday.

3. Did Somebody Say Couples Costume?!

Again, Halloween should not be the only excuse we have to dress up in costumes, particularly couples costumes. Plus, it would be nice to have a bae (or — in my case — a guy friend I managed to wrangle into participating in this hypothetical event) to bounce quotes off of. Catwoman and Batman's hot-and-cold exchanges can't be beat.

4. Taylor Swift Might Endorse Catwoman Day

She loves cats, guys. Being that Swift is kind of the President of Pop Music and #SquadGoals right now, I'm sure her clout could make this holiday one of legends. Moreover...

5. The Cat Photos Would Be Legen...Wait For It...Dary

Picture this: Cats dressed as Catwoman — cats dressed as Catwoman, guys! Can you picture it? I just did, and it's adorable. All of our respective social media feeds would quickly become congested with photos and GIFs featuring tabbies and domestic shorthairs rocking their best Catwoman attire. Can you ever go wrong when animals do people things? I submit you can not.

6. It's Time For The Women In Comics To Get More Props

It's been a long — and unfortunate — staple in the comic book world for female characters to often be relegated to ingenue roles, or completely unappreciated. This was evident back when the character of Black Widow was left out of the 2015 Avengers: Age of Ultron toy collection. Despite being largely helmed by male protagonists, comics have also dispensed a plethora of female standouts who are equally intriguing. As one of the most iconic characters in the Batman franchise, Catwoman is more than worthy of her own day.

There you have it. Also, can we please start a petition to give Aquaman his own day as well? That poor guy gets no respect.

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures; Giphy (6)