9 Times 'Pretty Little Liars' Girl Hanna Marin Was You As A Bridesmaid

If there's one girl on Pretty Little Liars who is incapable of not saying exactly what's on her mind, it's the inimitable Hanna Marin. The blonde may not always pronounce words correctly, or know the proper euphemisms (it's not "if the feather fits," just as an FYI), but she's always ready to defend herself and her friends with her own brand of verbal sparring. This makes Hanna an amazing friend to have in her corner, and an amazingly quotable character. In fact, when it comes to relating to your life experiences, Hanna Marin understands what it's like to be a bridesmaid for you — even though she's never been one to her friends before. Yet.

While I don't doubt that Hanna would be an excellent bridesmaid for Spencer, Aria, Emily, or any of the ladies in her squad, she wouldn't be a blind devotee to the bride. There's simply no way that our girl would put up with ridiculous BS from a friend who was acting more bridezilla than BFF. (Anyone else think that Mona would be the scariest monster bride ever? I mean, you don't run over your best friend with a car only to be a reasonable soon-to-be newlywed.)

Hanna's a champ at saying what's on her mind, which is why she definitely would understand what it's like to be trapped in a bridesmaid situation that's less-than-stellar. Here's how we're all Hanna as a bridesmaid, even if Hanna tends to say what we're thinking out loud way more frequently than we have the courage to.

1. When The Bride Asks You If You Like Her (Heinous) Dress

Personally, you think it looks like a doily that even your grandmother would call too modest, but, hey, it's her big day, not yours.

2. When The Bride Asks You To Buy A $700 Designer Bridesmaid Dress

Umm, you wouldn't drop that dough on a dress you would wear for more than one night, so you're not spending your rent on a dress that will cost you over $100 bucks an hour to rock. Sorry, not sorry.

3. When You See The Calendar Of Wedding-Related Activities

Remember when being a bridesmaid meant going to the wedding, rehearsal dinner, and maybe a fun bachelorette party? Now your entire season is committed to a variety of engagement parties and bridal showers, all of which your presence is pretty much required at.

4. When One Of Your Only Actual Friends Drops Out Of The Same Bridal Party

Ugh. And you thought you were in this together!

5. When You See The Hottest Groomsman Ever

You're already fighting off the other girls for a chance to be his aisle partner.

6. When You See How The Maid Of Honor Is Always So Hyped About Wedding Stuff

It's kind of amazing that this woman has a full-time job, a baby, and is still totally onboard to stuff mason jars at 2 a.m. It's not like it's her wedding, right?

7. When The Bride Is Freaking Out About Making Her "Wedding Weight"

Do you need to send her yet another article about how ridiculously unhealthy it is that society perpetuates the idea of "shedding for the wedding" again?

8. When Someone Asks If You Want To Do A Body Shot Off A Stripper At The Bachelorette Party

You have no idea when the last time that belly button was cleaned.

9. When The Wedding Finally Arrives

Cheers to months of planning, dress fittings, and bridezilla meltdowns. You earned this, girl.

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