Easy & Epic DIY Seinfeld Costumes For A Group

Looking for an epic group costume with three of your pals and have no clue what to do? Nod your hat to the '90s and dress up in these amazing easy DIY Seinfeld costumes! You may not win any style awards with any of these characters and their quirky looks (except maybe for Elaine), but you'll definitely take the cake for funniest group attire.

For those uninitiated in the ways of Seinfeld, let me give you a few reasons why the show and its characters are worth emulating. Considering when it started airing, Seinfeld was surprisingly progressive in terms of LGBTQIA issues. Though it wasn't blatantly supportive, it called out the hypocrisy of homophobia in a smart and creative way that forced viewers to question their stances. Second, the gang recognized the seriousness of guns — the Seinfeld cast never featured guns once on the show for the sake of humor.

And the final, and perhaps most important reason to dress up as the Seinfeld gang: One of you gets to be Elaine. My favorite character on the show, Elaine is a total style icon, 100 percent relatable to the struggles of womanhood, and has lived out our secret fantasies.

Oh, and in case you need a reminder of the gang's most common attire:

Whether you're a group of guys, gals, or a mix, this is a no-brainer group costume choice!

1. Jerry Seinfeld

Navy Shirt

Classic Jerry. (Navy Twill Shirt, $28, Old Navy)

Black Pants

Jerry Seinfeld made relaxed jeans a staple for every '90s guy. (Relaxed Front Fit, $19.88 Dickies)

White Tennis Shoes

Somehow, Seinfeld made these Dad shoes seem cool. (Tennis Shoes, $39.99, JCPenney

And if you or your friend needs a wig, I suggest this one.

2. Kramer

Short Sleeve Button Down

The louder, the better. (Retro Button Down, $25, Etsy)


Opt for pants that are slightly cropped, because you could away see Kramer's socks peeking through. (Skinny mini skimmer khakis, $39.99,

White Crew Socks

See above explanation. (White Crew Socks, $3.80, Forever21)

Black Oxfords

His oxfords were always so shiny! (Oxfords, $29.90, Forever21)

And if you need a wig, I suggest this one!

3. Elaine

Maxi Dress

(Dark Romance Maxi, $69.95, Billabong)

White Crew Socks

(White Crew Socks, $3.80, Forever21)

Mary Janes

(Button Mary Jane, $24.99, American Eagle)

And don't forget to curl and frizz up your hair as big as possible for this character!

4. George Costanza

Plaid Shirt

Remember to roll your sleeves up! (Plaid Twill, $21, Old Navy)

Skinny Belt

George Constaza always tucked his shirt in and wore his belt almost at a high-waisted level. (Belt, $4.05, Buckles)


If you don't have a pair in your closet, these ones will definitely do. (Bootcut Chino Pant - Mossimo Supply Co., $24.99,

Navy Tennis Shoes

To offset Jerry Seinfeld's white tennis sneakers, go for blue. (Slip-On, $29.99, Champion)

Thin Frame Glasses

What would a George Constanza costume be without a pair of glasses? (Glasses, $15.95, ZenniOptical)

And if you need a wig, I suggest this one!

Photo Credit: NBC; Courtesy Of Brands