Brad Goreski's Tips For Switching To Contacts

While glasses are super chic (with some even choosing to wear vanity glasses), not everyone is able to remove their specs with ease. While a great pair of frames can enhance a person's face, everyone deserves a break from wearing frames, and you have to know how to switch from glasses to contacts when making the switch. Thankfully, celebrity stylist and co-host of E!'s Fashion Police, Brad Goreski, is an expert on how to make the switch with help from Acuvue.

While vanity glasses have become increasing popular, there's something about going sans specs that has a major appeal to those who rock glasses every day. Expert Brad Goreski made the decision to change up his signature, chic look this year at Fashion Week and went without his black frames. Of the decision, Goreski tells us, "Everyone knows I've always been a glasses guy, but in the spirit of New York Fashion Week I decided to ditch my glasses and wear 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE® Brand Contact Lenses to the Zac Posen show. The lenses are enhancement lenses and made my eyes pop without changing their natural look. The compliments I received were amazing." Keep in mind that these aren't the Kylie Jenner green lenses you've seen in the past. Goreski's choice of Acuvue means a much more natural but still enhanced look perfect for a subtle change.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Goreski chose to change his look for many of the same reasons everyone else would. The style powerhouse loves experimenting with fashion in his career, so why not in everyday life? Goreski tols us, "Fashion is all about experimentation and I'm always playing around with my look."

So what happens after you decide to make a quick switch to a bare face? Different features become prominent. With your eyes and brows no longer hidden behind your specs, there's a bit more to think about. Here are some of Brad's tips for how to switch from glasses to contacts stylishly.

Make Sure Your Skin Is Looking Its Best

Goreski explains, "Before making the switch from glasses to contact lenses, I took a trip to Joanna Vargas who keeps my skin in tip-top-shape."

Keep Your Brows On Fleek

"With bulky frames out of the picture, strong brows are a must. Strong brows are trending right now, a lot of my girlfriends have invested in a tinted brow gel and pencil like Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel and Perfect Brow Pencil for polished and fuller effect." Of course, Goreski is right. Brows are totally having a moment — more than a moment actually, thanks to stars like Cara Delevingne — and how cool is that by switching up a look you can embrace a totally new trend?

Play Up Your Eyes

Goreski also encourages new contact wearers to embrace the possibilities. Goreski says, "Glasses tend to mask eye makeup, so when you go frame-free make sure to have some fun with your beauty look and play up your eyes. From Givenchy to Zac Posen, spring 2016 runways were all about "no makeup" makeup and bright radiant eyes." You've now got the freedom to embrace all of the include looks you've spotted on the runway.

Make Fashion Choices That Complement Your Frame-Free Face

While you may assume that only your makeup plays a part in the switch, that's just not the case. Goreski imparted tandem beauty and fashion advice when discussing how to switch from glasses to contacts. He explais, "The great thing about beauty is you can always try something new! Make fashion choices that complement your frame-free beauty look. I love to see bold clothing with a fresh face. You can also tone down a dramatic makeup look with a sleek, simple outfit."

Essentially, your beauty and style choices are endless when it comes to switching from glasses to contacts. Such a seemingly simple change can make a big impact, and what's fashion for if not making an impact? So if you're choosing to ditch your frames, Goreski has you covered.