6 Ways To Pump Yourself Up Before A First Date

There are a whole slew of reasons why your excitement might be lagging before meeting your cute date at your rendezvous point, but one thing is for sure: You've got to find a way to pump yourself up before your first date, and fast. Whether you feel lackluster because you're tired from a long day at work, would rather spend a quiet evening alone, or you're just not sure if the date in question will set off sparks, you're committed to leaving the house and need to find a way to snap out of it. And if you're pulling yourself away from your beloved couch, you might as well enjoy the time spent apart.

While sometimes that can seem like an impossible thing, there are certain things you can do before your first date that will get you all pumped and excited to go. Before you know it the indifferent or nervous mood will disappear and you'll be confident that you'll charm their socks off with your wonderful personality. Curious? Here are six ways to pump yourself up before a first date — everything from the usual martini and the not-so-usual walk down memory lane. Commit these to memory and good luck!

1. Put On Songs That'll Get You Excited

You know how sometimes you're stuck in traffic while driving home from work, and the only thing you want is a glass of wine as big as a cereal bowl and a pair of sweatpants? It seems like nothing, and I mean nothing, will convince you off of the couch.

But then a fun, gotta-get-you-moving song comes on, Pitbull yells "dale!!" somewhere in the background, and you feel like maybe putting on a pair of sparkling heels might be in your evening agenda afterall. Music has that kind of persuasive pull; one moment you're feeling like your batteries are empty, and the next you're looking for a chandelier to swing off of.

If you're feeling nervous or not too enthusiastic over a first date, put on a first date playlist that'll get you into a more excited mindset.

2. Go Somewhere You've Been Meaning To Try, Anyway

This goes back to that feeling of "Why oh why am I leaving my couch?" Sometimes you're just not in the mood to put on something that veers away from fleece, or maybe you're not entirely convinced that you and the date in question are going to get along. But it's an hour before you're supposed to meet up and it'd be downright flaky to cancel now. So how do you muster the will to grab your keys?

Go to a place you already had on your radar. If you go to a place that you've been curious or excited to try prior to the Tinder messages, then at least the night won't be a total wash. According to Courtney Hardwick, life and love blogger, "When your dates are starting to feel like job interviews, you’re doing something wrong. Instead of going to Starbucks with every guy, try something new. Then even if your date ends up being a dud, at least you still got to try the new Indian place you’ve been wanting to check out for ages."

So head to that speakeasy behind the baker's store, or go to that bar that serves up smoking tikki drinks. Whatever it is, suggest going there and you'll instantly feel more pumped.

3. Get A Pep Talk

So you've danced around to Joe Jonas in your underwear and have secured a table at that new jazz club you've been itching to go to. Yet, you've still got that yen to stay at home. What should you do? Call up a bestie for an awesome pep talk. There's nothing like hearing how amazing you are from their loving point of view to feel guilty denying the date in question your amazing presence.

According to Joanna Muenz, relationship blogger at Glamour , "Before I go on any date I always call a good friend, usually my ebullient friend Jennifer for some dating pep talk. The talk usually goes something like this: Me: Jen! I’m going on a date, I need confidence help / a kick in the butt / a reason not to bail right this second! Jen: Don’t stress! You are an amazing / smart / intelligent / mind-blowingly awesome woman. Scarlett Johansson / Leighton Meester / Tina Fey has nothing on you. Any guy would be lucky just to buy you a beer / hold your hand / share your company for even a few moments!"

I mean, that alone makes me want to go wow somebody, and I don't even have a date prospect right now.

4. Pull Out The Martini Glasses

There's nothing like a fizzy cocktail that'll get you a little more excited about the prospect of more drinks! That and the martini-sipping mood will wash over you and get you in the mindset of going out and socializing.

According to Chiara Atik at The Date Report, "No one in the world has ever looked uncool drinking a dry martini. This popular drink has other benefits, too: it’s clear, it’s strong, it whets the appetite (if you’re meeting for dinner), and if you stick to just one, it won’t smell on your breath."

5. Put On Something That Makes You Feel Beautiful

To get you excited about leaving the house and charming a stranger for the next couple of hours, put on something that makes you feel beautiful to give yourself the confidence that you'll wow them with no problem. Whether that's red lipstick, a favorite pair of jeans, or a lacy pair of undies, put on something that'll make you feel slightly unstoppable and completely yourself.

According to dating coach Dee Simone, "On your first dates, you want to wear something that you’re not only comfortable in, but something that also makes you look and feel beautiful too." So go ahead, go put on that favorite sweater or pull on those heeled boots. Now you're that much more jazzed about going out.

6. Think Of The Last Time You Had A Crush

If you're feeling nervous or indifferent about going out, just remember that's not how you feel about the date waiting for you — you don't know them yet! They might be really, really amazing. You feel that way about the situation in general. According to Erin Scottberg at The Date Report, "Just suck it up. It’s not the actual date you hate, it’s the idea of going on a first date that probably doesn’t sit well with you. I mean, you like meeting cool people, right? And you like doing cool stuff, right? So there. Once you get there, you have fun."

So to get yourself out of that funk, think back to the last time you had a crush on someone. How did it feel? Wasn't it fun waking up and smiling over an unopened message from them in your phone? Or how you felt sitting across from them over drinks, getting to know their funny quirks and interesting stories. Or how nervous and excited you were right before that first kiss? It's an awesome feeling, and, who knows, maybe you can experience that with this new person, too.

First dates can be scary, but you've got this.