How To Keep Legs Warm In A Dress

Winter weather fashion woes come in all forms, but perhaps one of the saddest times of the year is when adorable dresses seem to go away. When the winds kick up and temps go down, covering your legs seems like the only option. How to keep your legs warm in a dress becomes integral to rocking those cute dresses you've been concerned about wearing in the cold. That's the beauty of fashion. There are all sorts of ways to hack your way into wearing whatever you'd like, and with fashion, whatever winter rules you think there are, why not change things up and rock that dress you love despite the frigid temps.

Midi dresses, sweater dress, or even frocks with heavier fabric can all be seen on racks during the winter, but if you live in a climate with temperatures lower than your age, they just don't seem like an option for you. However, whether it's creative footwear, layering, or leg warmers, there are ways to keep all your fashion options open. The styles of dresses you can wear during winter are endless, so while your frock choice isn't a concern, what steps — fashionable or otherwise — can you take to protect your gams from the cold? Here are some answers for you.


Mad Alchemy Mellow Heat Warming Embrocation, $22, Amazon

According to Refinery 29, these creams are "made to be slathered all over the legs, these formulas create a lasting warming sensation that anyone baring their stems can enjoy — thanks to a blend of circulation-stimulating ingredients such as capsicum from peppers, clove, menthol, and peppermint, contained in a base of shea butter or petroleum." Essentially the creams are designed for cyclists biking in the cold. So if you're looking to go bare legged, this is your answer. Plus, it's totally affordable!


Miles of Style Tights in Plus Size, $13, Modcloth

Tights are a great solution to keeping your legs warm. Plus, they come in a variety of textures with great graphics for a unique look that's all your own.

Over the Knee Boots

Steve Madden Suede Over the Knee Boot, $150, Steve Madden

Over the knee boots are the perfect answer to keeping your legs warm in boots, and while some may think the look is too edgy, you can totally dress down an over the knee boot.

Leg Warmers

Leg Warmers, $18, Etsy

Hear me out. You may hear the words leg warmers and think '80s jazzercise, but under a pair of boots of even over the top, leg warms can look super cute, and your legs will stay toasty.

Knee Socks

Knee Socks, $7, Forever21

Knee socks aren't just for your old school uniform. They're double duty — keeping you cute and warm! Socks are a great option for keeping you cozy.

Longer Dresses

Asos Curve Midi Skater Dress, $32, Asos

A longer dress is definitely an answer to keep the classic femininity that comes with a dress but also staying warm.

Long Coat or Trench

Trench Coat, $53, Forever 21

A long coat or trench is sure to help keep your legs toast if you're rocking a dress this winter.

Images: Courtesy of brands