What if 'PLL' & 'Scream Queens' Crossed Over?

Upon my first viewing of Scream Queens , it was immediately established that this show would hold a special place in my TV-obsessed heart. It had all the things I look for in a campy satire: mystery, '90s references, and the young girl from Little Miss Sunshine reminding us that she's no longer the young girl from Little Miss Sunshine. Which got me thinking — there's another show out there that I hold just as near and dear, one that also centers around really pretty people making unwise decisions. Yes, you guessed it: Pretty Little Liars , baby. Naturally, the following question arose: What if Scream Queens and Pretty Little Liars crossed over? Cue the hysteria! Cue the torture that happens for no apparent reason!

When you really think about (which I don't advise you to do too hard) this wouldn't be a huge stretch. We're only two episodes deep on Scream Queens, but there are already so many facets of the show that remind me of PLL: Plot twists we didn't see coming, romantic relationships forming, hot teachers, etc., etc. Scream Queens has all the most celebrated aspects of PLL and then some. And while we're on the topic of PLL — arguably the greatest show that ever was — a crossover with Scream Queens would totally soothe my sadness during this hiatus between seasons. Basically, this is a win-win.

Now let me paint a picture for you. An epic, epic picture of what a Scream Queens and PLL crossover would look like. (You are welcome. But seriously — don't thank me. Thank Ryan Murphy).

1. The Fashion Would Be Impeccable

I won't lie: 97 percent of the reason I started watching PLL in the first place was because of the clothing. The majority of the comments I make while watching PLL center around two things: One, how many pairs of stilettos do these girls have, and two, why don't they just turn off their phones?

And then there's Scream Queens, a show that knows how to up the ante in terms of ensembles (have you seen Chanel's closet?) Their wardrobe designer basically deserves a Nobel Prize. Just think of all the accessory combos this crossover would imbue!

2. There Would Be So Many Messages On The Wall

So many.

3. The One Liners Would Also Be Abundant

Scream Queens has already proved to be a mecca of repeatable one liners — but let's not forget the kind of gold that comes out of the PLL cast on a regular basis. Though the latter is a much toned down variety of the former, both are always on point.

4. A Red Coat/Red Devil Mashup Would Happen

Alright I know, I know, the "A" mystery has been "solved" (believe what you will), but how eerie is it that the torturer in Scream Queens wears red and that there are multiple of them?! Actually now that we're talking about this, is Scream Queens the PLL time jump?! Did CeCe trade her red coat for a red cape and devil mask and now she's just torturing a different group of girls? Ryan Murphy, please advise.

5. ...And the "A Team" Would Help the "Red Devil Team"

As mentioned above, and seen on Scream Queens' previous episode, there are not one, but two Red Devils (and possibly more). Wouldn't it be so convenient if the Red Devil just recruited A's rejects?

6. A Love Triangle With Spencer's Ex, Alex Santiago, Would Be Necessary

#TBT to Spencer Hasting's original love interest, Alex Santiago, as the PSL-making barista in Scream Queens. What would be more interesting than if Spencer stepped into this Grace and Pete mix?

7. Police Would Never Help

The only somewhat “police” figure in Scream Queens so far is Denise, and though she’s an excellent inclusion, she's not about to be of any real help. And we all know how truly helpful the police have been in PLL (read: not at all).

8. ...And Plot Holes Would Never Be Solved

There are certain things that we've just learned to stop asking questions about in PLL, and though this is only the first season of Scream Queens, I fully believe the red herrings will be aplenty.

Alright, so, there you go. All the makings of an absolutely killer mashup that needs to happen. Ryan Murphy, if you're interested, I'd be willing to discuss this further.

Images: FOX; Giphy (9)